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11 Best Dog Charities to Donate to

Updated: Jan 26

Best Dog Charities to Support

Why are Dog Charities Important?

Millions of hearts beat beneath wagging tails across the globe, yet countless dogs face neglect, abandonment, and vulnerability. From overcrowded shelters to brutal puppy mills, an estimated 670,000 dogs enter US shelters each year, while countless others endure hardship internationally. These figures paint a sobering picture, but amidst the shadows shine beacons of hope – dog charities dedicated to rescuing, protecting, and advocating for these beloved companions.

Find the best charity to support

Businesses Supporting Dog Charities

For businesses seeking to connect with customers who share a love for all things canine, partnering with these compassionate organizations unlocks a powerful pathway to positive change and meaningful customer engagement.

Recognizing the plight of shelter dogs, BarkBox (subscription service) champions adoption through "Bark for the Cause" initiatives. These campaigns donate a portion of proceeds to shelter partners, directly impacting thousands of deserving pups' lives.

Dog Awareness Days

For businesses looking to support a Dog charity, there is never a better time than now. However, there are some specific awareness events dedicated towards supporting Dogs including; Spay and Neuter Awareness Month, National Dog Month, and International Assistance Dog Week.

Here are a few of the best dog charities to support:

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Founded in 1899, this UK icon rehomes and cares for abandoned dogs across the country. They advocate for animal welfare legislation, educate the public on responsible ownership, and offer vital programs like therapy dog training.

Impact: In 2022, Dogs Trust rehomed over 50,000 dogs, provided behavioural support to over 5,000 dogs, and campaigned for stronger puppy farm regulations in the UK.

Blue Cross

Blue Cross Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Established in 1899, this UK-based organization provides holistic care for abandoned and sick dogs, finding them loving homes while promoting responsible pet ownership. They also offer veterinary services and advocate for animal welfare legislation.

Impact: In 2022, Blue Cross for Pets rehomed over 27,000 dogs, provided veterinary care to over 51,000 dogs, and supported the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Act 2021, strengthening animal cruelty laws in the UK.

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Founded in 1934, this UK organization trains guide dogs for visually impaired individuals, transforming lives with independence and mobility. They offer ongoing support and training to both recipients and their canine companions.

Impact: Since its inception, Guide Dogs has trained over 38,000 guide dogs, empowering individuals with visual impairments to lead dignified and independent lives.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Founded in 1860, this iconic UK rescue centre rehomes countless abandoned dogs annually. They offer veterinary care, behavioural training, and education programs on responsible pet ownership.

Impact: In 2022, Battersea rehomed over 5,300 dogs, provided over 163,000 veterinary appointments, and launched educational programs reaching over 30,000 children, instilling compassion for animals in future generations.

The Old Friends Dog Sanctuary

Old Friends Dog Sanctuary Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Established in 1974, this UK haven provides lifelong sanctuary for elderly and disabled dogs, guaranteeing them loving care and a peaceful rest of their lives. They also offer education programs on dog welfare.

They even have their own mobile game!

Impact: The Old Friends Dog Sanctuary cares for over 400 elderly and disabled dogs, demonstrating the value of compassion and lifelong commitment to our canine companions.

PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals)

PDSA Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Founded in 1917, this UK organization provides affordable veterinary care for pets in need, ensuring their well-being regardless of their owners' financial circumstances. They also offer education and pet welfare initiatives.

Impact: In 2022, PDSA treated over 440,000 pets, provided essential support to over 247,000 vulnerable pet owners, and launched educational programs reaching over 120,000 children.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Hearing Dogs Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Established in 1985, this UK organization trains hearing assistance dogs for people with hearing impairments, offering companionship and enhanced independence. They also advocate for disability rights and raise awareness about hearing dog services.

Impact: Since its inception, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People has trained over 580 hearing assistance dogs, allowing recipients to navigate daily life with increased confidence and security.

Best Friends Animal Society

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Established in 1984, this US organization operates the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the US, providing lifelong care for rescued dogs and other animals. They also advocate for adoption and promote animal welfare legislation.

Impact: Best Friends Animal Society currently shelters over 1,700 dogs, offers adoption opportunities for rescued animals, and has saved over 370,000 animals from euthanasia since its inception.

Badass Animal Rescue

Badass Animal Rescue Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Since its establishment in 2012, this American organization has been on a mission to save and rehabilitate dogs that are at risk of euthanasia in high-kill shelters. Their dedicated efforts include providing essential medical care and behavioural training to ensure these dogs have the opportunity for a better life. In addition, they actively promote responsible pet ownership and support spay/neuter initiatives.

Impact: To date, they have successfully saved the lives of over 13,000 dogs, granting them a second chance at a life filled with happiness and love.

Support Dogs

Support Dogs Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Established in 1990, Support Dogs is a UK-based charity with a compelling mission: to empower individuals with disabilities, fostering greater independence and self-confidence through transformative partnerships with assistance dogs. The organization diligently trains and supplies specialized assistance dogs to individuals facing a diverse array of physical disabilities. These highly trained canine companions play a crucial role in helping people overcome the challenges of daily life, ultimately contributing to more fulfilling and enriched lifestyles.

Impact: Since its inception, Support Dogs has transformed the lives of over 6,000 individuals with disabilities by providing them with a trained assistance dog.

Dogs on the Streets

Dogs on the Streets Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Established in 2016, Dogs on the Streets (DOTS) is a pioneering organization dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of dogs within the UK's homeless community. This distinctive charity recognizes the indispensable connection between homeless individuals and their canine companions, providing tailor-made assistance for both parties.

Impact: They have provided over 6,000 free veterinary appointments, prevented countless illnesses, and even reunited several dogs with their families.

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