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eCommerce funnel strategy and email marketing

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Partner Type

Marketing Expert

Virtue Offer

  • 1 Free Strategy Consultation

  • Customer Funnel Audit ➝ Identify key revenue bottlenecks, blindspots & find profitable wins across your customer journey and the 7 major email flows tailored to your brand’s objectives

  • List Growth Strategy Review ➝ Uncover ways to increase your lead flow & earnings per recipient to maximise your list growth. This includes looking at your testing and optimisation plan and providing recommendations so you can maximise potential.

  • Personalised Būshy Growth Plan ➝ Follow our prioritised recommendations to boost impact & profits fast. Use either with your team internally, or partner with Būshy to help speed up implementation.

  • Bonus #1: Brand Impact Visibility Audit ➝ Review emails AND key website pages to create an Impact Visibility checklist. Follow step-by-step to enhance impact visibility & messaging across all key touch-points

  • Bonus #2: New Impact-Driven Email Series ➝ We’ll write you a brand new impact driven email series to increase impact visibility and create split tests to compare the effect on your brands revenue and key KPI’s (3 -  5 emails max)

  • Bonus #3: Donation to Climate Fund ➝ We will donate 1% of total proceeds of this offer to the Climate fund, which aims to increase adoption of new carbon sequestering technologies

Partner Bio

Būshy helps Value-led DTC eCommerce Brands increase their profits & impact online... Without spending more on traffic.


Our ethos is "make more, give more".


If You're a Social or Environmental conscious brand,


Who wants to unlock its true growth potential...


You're in the best place.


Our only goal:


Optimise for revenue & impact


(not only conversions).


To do that we use a combo of:


- Email

- Conversion Value Optimisation

- Buyer psychology

- Direct-response

- Copywriting


All to plant deep roots & dig up the gold right beneath your feet.


When you partner with us,


We'll approach your marketing from a holistic perspective,


Covering your funnel top-to-bottom, 365, omnichannel.


From paid ads to web, to email, 


You’ll get to plug-in to time-tested principles that drive performance at every level of the funnel...


... While highlighting your brand's positive impact and creating a deeper connection with customers.


Būshy believes in authenticity, transparency, and communication.


And we dedicate our energy to work only with clients we know we can deliver results for.


So if you're ready to get Būshy & uncover your low-hanging fruit, ripe and ready to pick

Bushy Shopify Agency
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