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Frictionless Business Fundraising

A simple and compliant way for Charities to raise unrestricted funds from businesses and their customers.

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Trusted by 1000s of UK and global charities

Give to Crisis, CALM, WWF, Breastcancer Now and many more incredible causes from product sales
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Corporate fundraising made easy

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Automated Compliance

Save Time

Raise more Donations

We cover compliance through automating Commercial Participation Agreement process (CPAs) for your Commercial Partners and via third party partnerships.

Save fundraising teams time with simple donor onboarding with Virtue donor management CRM, out of the box marketing assets, analytics, and tracked monthly payouts. 

Businesses are onboarded in minutes so no businesses are left behind.

New Donors
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Gain new Donors

Transparent Fundraising

Manage your Branding

Re-engage individual donors post purchase and turn them into life long supporters.

Simple corporate donor management - access clear information about the businesses fundraising for your charity and their campaign details. 

Control how your charity and campaigns appear on the platform.

How it works
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Give from sales

Give a percentage or a fixed amount from product/service sales

Businesses set up and go live in minutes

Customer Donations

Empower customers to make a difference during and post purchase

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Team and other activities

Support through team fundraisers and other initiatives

100s of Businesses Love Fundraising with Virtue

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Dr Sams Shopify
5 Star Shopify Revier

The support from the Virtue team has been fantastic... Virtue has provided us with a solution for both customer and business donations, not all apps do both! The App was easily installed, we were up and running within a few days - great onboarding support and no need for a developer!

One Water Shopify
Great Shopify Reviews

Looks professional and is customisable, which helps to create a memorable shopping journey for the customer


The setup was easy and the team are lovely - I highly recommend.

AYM Studio SHopify
Shopify app reviews

We used this app for our Green Friday campaign. The team at Virtue were super helpful. It was great to have their support in making sure the app performed how we wanted it to and the whole campaign ran smoothly as a result. It really felt like we were a team working together on this. Thank you Virtue!

Start raising unrestricted funds from corporate donors

An effective digital fundraising solution for Charities to manage business donors and raise new unrestricted funds. A simple and compliant way for businesses and their customers to work for good and make a meaningful impact by supporting great Charities.

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