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One Water X Pledger Customer Donation App

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Supporting The One Foundation, One Water is on a mission to eradicate water poverty across the world. Launched by Duncan Goose in 2005, The One Foundation has raised £20 million, changing the lives of 4 million people across the globe (so far).

Focusing on the nations of Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda, the One Foundation provides over 223,000 people with safe, clean water, and improved sanitation annually.

The One Foundation Charity

And their work has only just begun ... as it is estimated that there are 785 million people on earth who are still without access to safe drinking water.

"Switch Water, Change Lives" - One Water

By purchasing products directly from the One Water Shop (including their iconic One Water Still Aluminium Bottle), customers can directly support The One Foundation and help provide clean drinking water to people all across the world.

One Water Charity Shopify Store

But it doesn't end there! Now, customers purchasing items on the One Water Shop have the option to make an additional donation to help change lives via Pledger's new Post-Purchase Customer Donation Feature (cough, cough, shameless plug).

The post-purchase donation app is available to all retailers on Shopify looking to support The One Foundation.

Customer Donation App

Through a combination of traditional donations, sales from their sustainable water brand, and support from retailers on Pledger, The One Foundation is aiming to raise £50 million by 2030 to spend on large scale urban water systems, immediate interventions in rural communities, and responding to humanitarian emergencies as needed.

The One Foundation has a simple vision; A world in which everyone has access to clean and safe water, FOREVER.

Not only is the foundation world-class, but with every purchase, you make a real impact with The One Foundation:

  • £10 could buy enough soap for twenty families to stay clean and safe for a month

  • £20 could buy lifesaving hygiene kits for families to stop the spread of disease

  • £50 could provide clean, safe water for ten families for a month

If you would like to make a donation to the foundation, you can do so here.

Or, if you are a charity looking to fundraise through Pledger, reach out to us directly at


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