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7 Reasons Your Business Should Plant Trees (And How JUST ONE Tree Can Help)

Updated: May 8, 2022

As the global spend on eCommerce around the world speeds past the $5 Trillion dollar mark, so does the overall footprint of the industry. From carbon emission offsetting to giving back to local Indigenous communities, there are a number of reasons that your business should start planting trees. Oh, and why not do it with our partner JUST ONE Tree?

  1. Why Plant Trees? A Non-Exhaustive List

  2. What Is JUST ONETree?

  3. How Can Our Business Plant Trees?

Carbon Offsetting with Just One Tree

Why Plant Trees? A Non-Exhaustive List

1) Off-Set Carbon Emissions:

This one is pretty obvious but it's just as important as ever. With eCommerce growing exponentially so is its carbon footprint. From the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping footprint (not to mention the footprint associated with returning items). The carbon footprint of eCommerce has never been higher. Trees act as an efficient mechanism to offset carbon emissions. By absorbing carbon dioxide via photosynthesis trees also create the oxygen we need to breathe.

One tree can offset a literal ton of CO2 over its lifetime, and when you plant enough it will continue to grow and reproduce, offsetting more and more carbon with each passing year.