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5+ Best Shopify Charity Donation Apps

Updated: Jan 8

If you're looking to do some good with your Shopify Store. Supporting a charity or environmental cause is a tried and tested method for building your brand and showing your customers that you care.

Shopify Fundraising for charities

Why donate with your store?

In 2022, conscious consumers became the worlds largest consumer demographic making up 44% of the market. While this is a large number on its own, it is expected to increase over time as purchasing power of younger generations increases.

These consumers choose to purchase from brands that alight with their own personal values. By giving back to an environmental or social cause, stores can show their customers that they care (and align with their values). If you are looking for the right cause to suport with your business - check out our Find a charity Quiz.

Find a charity Quiz

Why use a Shopify Charity App to donate?

Traditionally, brands have supported charities and causes directly. While it has been done many times over, there are numerous steps in this process:

  • Selecting a cause that aligns with brand values

  • Creating terms and collaboration agreements

  • Running partnership activation campaigns

  • Manage donations and payouts

Using a Shopify donation app or integration takes these steps and automates many of the processes. Instead of spending weeks (or months) setting up, there are options available that can do these steps in a matter of minutes. A reputable web design company will help you integrate these apps into your website for a seamless experience.

By using an app to give back brands can;

  • Start supporting faster

  • Save development costs

  • Reduce admin time

Charity Donation Apps for Shopify

How to choose the best Shopify Donation App for your business?

Of the apps available in the Shopify App Store there are many to choose from. When selecting a service, stores should consider:

  • Product features

  • Causes to support

  • Pricing

Here are a few recommended apps


Virtue Shopify Donation App

A great tool for managing Shopify donations and engaging with customers. Whether it is your first time supporting a cause or you want to onboard an existing partnership to utilise Virtue's technology. Virtue is a great tool with excellent reviews.

Shopify Rating: 5.0 (59 Shopify Reviews)

Free Trial: Yes

Product Features:

  • Can easily communicate with customers how much has been donated to charity

  • Additional social proof features

  • Customisable widgets

  • Automated payouts

  • Customer Donations

  • Customer donation at checkout

  • Social Impact Upselling


  • Over 20,000 causes on the platform

  • Can bring on new charities and fundraisers to the platform

Pricing Plans

  • Pay as you Give (36p per order with impact)

  • Impact Plus (£25 per month for up to 100 orders with impact + 15p per additional order with impact)

  • Impact Unlimited (£59 per month)

  • Custom Plans Available

Sales Count Up

Sales Count Up Shopify Donation App

This is a great tool that helps with social proof. Not only focusing on showcasing donations, but sales count-up can also help you show sales, customer reviews, and more. While Sales CountUp is more limited than other Shopify Charity apps when it comes to donation options, however, they have other features that may benefit your store.

Shopify Rating: 5.0 (79 Shopify Reviews)

Free Trial: Yes

Product Features:

  • Can easily communicate with customers how much has been donated to charity

  • Additional social proof features

  • Customisable widgets


  • NA

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan

  • Unlimited Plan $4.95/month

Give and Grow Donations

Give and Grow Donations Charity Fundraising

Give and Grow is the Shopify plugin for Pledge. With over 2 million causes on the platform, stores will have many options to choose from when it comes to picking profits and charities

Shopify Rating: 4.0 (71 Shopify Reviews)

Free Trial: Yes

Product Features

  • Automated donation processing

  • Impact Tracking Widgets

  • Customer round-up at checkout

  • Pay with cryptocurrency


  • 2M+ causes on the platform

Pricing Plan

Donate Source - Donation

Donate Source Shopify Donation App

Donate Source lets you add customer donations directly to your website. It is a great Shopify charity app for raising awareness without having to give directly from your store.

Shopify Rating: 4.8 (45 Shopify Reviews)

Free Trial: Yes


  • Add multiple donation options

  • Customised donation receipts for customers.

  • Available in multiple languages


  • NA


  • Basic Plan - $2.99

  • Pro Plan - $3.99

  • Advanced Plan - $4.99

Easy Donation

Easy Donation Shopify Donation App

One of the most popular apps on Shopify is Easy Donation. It allows customers to add donations as part of the checkout process. The app helps you track donations, and customers get multiple charities to choose from.

Shopify Rating: 4.8 (130 Shopify Reviews)

Free Trial: Yes


  • Customers donation at checkout (and on product pages)

  • Customisable receipts

  • Customisable donation pages


  • NA


  • Entrepreneur - $0 per month (10% donation processing + cc transaction fee)

  • Emerging Brands - $270 per month

  • Scaling Brands - $765 per month

Shop For Good Donation App

Shop For Good Shopify Charity Donation App

Shop for Good offers a full suite of donation campaigns that will help stores improve brand loyalty and improve LTV of customers. Run marketing campaigns or give a % of sales all year with this Shopify store donation app.

Shopify Rating: 4.9 (142 Shopify Reviews)

Free Trial: Yes


  • Donate and receive a discount or a gift as a thank you (for customers)

  • Cart round-up options

  • Analytics on giving and reporting

  • Give a percentage of sales


  • 2+ million charities and causes


  • Basic Plan - $6.99 per month

  • Advance Plan - $9.99 per month


Other Checkout Donations and Charity Apps

While there are many great Shopify Donation Apps available, there are some other excellent e-commerce platforms for fundraising. Check out our other blog posts on Magento Charity Donation Extensions, Wordpress Charity Plugins, and Woocommerce Charity plugins as well.


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