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10 Best Healthcare Charities

Updated: Feb 23

Best Healthcare charities

Global Healthcare Today

Millions around the world face critical healthcare challenges, from limited access to essential services to battling chronic diseases. Globally, over 400 million people lack access to basic healthcare, while 1 in 3 individuals experience a communicable disease each year.

And this is not limited to the developing world - even countries with first rate healthcare are seeing their systems overstretched by the demands of the nation.

Statista Healthcare Globally

But amidst these challenges, dedicated healthcare charities work tirelessly to bring hope and healing to those in need.

Why are Healthcare Charities Important?

These incredible organizations come in various forms, tackling diverse healthcare issues.

Some focus on providing medical supplies and equipment in underserved communities, others on supporting research for life-saving treatments, and many offer direct care through clinics and mobile health units.

They address a wide range of needs, from maternal health and childhood illnesses to chronic conditions like HIV/AIDS and cancer.

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Businesses Supporting Healthcare Charities

Domestos has committed to allocating 5% of its sales in select countries to support UNICEF's sanitation enhancement initiatives in India. Surpassing their initial target, this contribution has resulted in the advancement of sanitation conditions for more than 28 million individuals. The efforts encompass the construction of toilets, the promotion of hygiene practices, and the dissemination of awareness regarding the crucial significance of clean water and sanitation.

Domestos UNICEF

Healthcare Awareness Days

For businesses looking to support a healthcare charity, there is never a better time than now. However, there are some specific awareness events dedicated to supporting healthcare initiatives including; Mens Health Week, Stroke Awareness Month, and World Aids Day.

Here are a few of the best Healthcare charities to support:

The World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO healthcare charity

The preeminent global health organization, the World Health Organization (WHO), serves as the primary international body overseeing public health initiatives. It plays a pivotal role in harmonizing worldwide health endeavors and establishing benchmarks for the prevention and management of diseases. From its establishment, the WHO has addressed a range of health issues, ranging from the eradication of smallpox to leading the charge against newly emerging diseases.

Impact: The WHO's initiatives have successfully wiped out smallpox, and progress is being made towards the eradication of polio, resulting in the preservation of millions of lives.

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)

Doctors without borders healthcare charity

Established in 1971, this Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization delivers emergency medical care in conflict zones and underserved regions worldwide. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, with operations in over 70 countries, their dedicated teams provide vital services like surgery, maternal health care, and mental health support.

Impact: In 2022, their teams provided over 100 million medical consultations globally.


Established in 1946, UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) stands as a prominent global entity committed to enhancing the well-being and safeguarding the rights of children across the globe. Headquartered in New York City, the organization operates in more than 190 countries and territories, delivering crucial healthcare, education, nutrition, and sanitation services to children in vulnerable situations. UNICEF collaborates with governments, communities, and various entities to address child mortality, malnutrition, and preventable diseases, while also championing children's rights and advocating for peaceful societies.

Impact: Since the year 2000, UNICEF has played a pivotal role in administering vaccinations to over 2.4 billion children, resulting in the preservation of millions of lives.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Established in the year 2000 with its main office located in Seattle, Washington, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has emerged as a worldwide philanthropic powerhouse, channelling its resources towards the enhancement of the well-being of individuals globally. The foundation's key areas of concentration encompass global health, development, and the alleviation of poverty.


AmeriCares Healthcare Charity

Founded in 1982, this US-based organization delivers medical supplies and disaster relief to communities in need worldwide. AmeriCares doesn't just donate supplies; they work closely with local partners to ensure aid reaches the most vulnerable populations. Their mobile medical units provide critical healthcare in remote areas, while their emergency response teams offer vital support during natural disasters and conflicts.

Impact: In 2022, AmeriCares provided over $4 billion in medical aid and relief supplies to people in crisis.

The Red Cross

The Red Cross Healthcare Charity

Established in 1881, the Red Cross is a humanitarian organization renowned for its disaster relief efforts and lifesaving services. With branches in nearly every country, they provide food, shelter, and medical care to individuals affected by disasters, wars, and conflicts. Beyond emergency response, the Red Cross offers blood donation programs, CPR training, and other community services, promoting safety and health around the world.

Impact: In 2022 alone, the Red Cross responded to over 60,000 disasters and provided over 622,000 blood transfusions, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to alleviating suffering and saving lives.

The Welcome Trust

Founded in 1913, the Wellcome Trust is a UK-based global charitable foundation dedicated to supporting innovative research that improves human and animal health. They fund a wide range of research areas, from infectious diseases and mental health to genomics and artificial intelligence, supporting scientists and institutions around the world. By investing in groundbreaking research, the Wellcome Trust aims to translate scientific discoveries into real-world improvements in health and well-being.

British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation Healthcare Charity

Established in 1961, the British Heart Foundation is a leading UK charity focused on preventing and fighting heart disease, the UK's single biggest killer. They fund research into heart and circulatory diseases, raise awareness about healthy lifestyles, and provide support to heart patients and their families. Through advocacy and campaigning, they also influence government policy and public health initiatives related to heart health.

International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps Healthcare charity

Founded in 1988, the International Medical Corps (IMC) is a global humanitarian organization providing emergency medical care and training in conflict zones and areas affected by natural disasters. Operating in over 30 countries, they deliver essential medical services, including surgery, maternal health care, and mental health support, to vulnerable populations in crisis. Additionally, IMC trains local healthcare workers to build sustainable healthcare systems in conflict-affected regions.

Impact: In 2022, IMC provided medical care to over 4.5 million people in crisis situations worldwide

World Vision

World Vision Healthcare Charity

Founded in 1950, World Vision worked in over 100 countries supporting communities with a focus on children and families. They focus on core issues including access to healthcare, food, and clean water. They also support and advocate for children's rights in response to international emergencies.

Impact: Over the past 70 years, World Vision has helped over 350 million children access healthcare, education, and other essential services.

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