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Awareness Days Calendar 2023

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Breaking down special days, events and months that you and your business can support throughout the year.

January Awareness Days

February Awareness Days

March Awareness Days

April Awareness Days

May Awareness Days

June Awareness Days

July Awareness Days

August Awareness Days

September Awareness Days

October Awareness Days

November Awareness Days

December Awareness Days

Awareness Days Calendar 2023

January Awareness Days

National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month

January 1, 2023 - January 31, 2023

The month of January is a time to acknowledge those currently experiencing enslavement as well as those who have escaped. While it is most often thought that slavery is a thing of the past, there are over 50 million people worldwide currently experiencing different forms of slavery. The Body Shop is an example of a business that has taken a strong stand against Slavery. In 2016 they put together their first Modern Slavery Statement to comply with the 2015 UK Modern Slavery Act. Since 2016 they have been updating their statements and improving their practices to ensure they are doing everything possible to keep their business and supply chain free from slavery and other forms of modern exploitation.

The Body Shop Modern Slavery Statement

While many businesses are working to increase the transparency of their supply chains, it can be a long process. For companies looking to make an immediate impact, there are some great charities that they can support.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • Anti-Slavery - fighting to eliminate all forms of slavery throughout the world by investigating and exposing current cases

  • Their Voice - Supporting those who have suffered human trafficking by providing essential items that are not provided by other sources

  • Hope for Justice - fighting modern slavery around the world by rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society


February Awareness Days

Spay and Neuter Awareness Month

February 1, 2023 - February 28, 2023

Dogs and cats have the ability to give birth to dozens of offspring each year, but with hundreds and millions of stray pets across the world countless are left to struggle day to day to survive - Spay and Neuter Awareness Month (and World Spay Day on the last Tuesday of the month) was created to help curb unnecessary animal suffering. There are many causes directly completing the services and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • PETA - every year PETA runs a dedicated campaign for Spay and Neuter Awareness month in addition to their day-to-day activities fighting for the ethical treatment of animals

  • RSPCA - We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome domestic animals to give them a second chance at life

  • Battersea Cats and Dogs Home- We're here for every dog & cat to ensure they're treated with compassion, care & respect

Time to Talk Day

February 2, 2023

Time to Talk Day is one of the UK's biggest days for mental health. Promoting healthy conversations, it is a time for friends, families, communities, and businesses, to come together to talk about mental health.

For businesses looking to take part in the day, there are a number of resources and assets that have been put together to assist. This is also a great day for businesses to support mental health charities.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • Mind - providing advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem

  • Rethink Mental Illness - making sure everyone severely affected by mental illness has a good quality of life.

World Cancer Day

February 4, 2023

An international day to raise awareness of cancer and to focus on the prevention, detection, and treatment of the disease. The overall goal of world cancer day is to reduce the illness and death caused by cancer.

For World Cancer Day in 2018, L'Oreal Groupe made a big splash with the brands in its catalogue:

  • La Roche-Posay supported Skin Cancer Initiatives with a primary focus on education and skin cancer detection

  • Pureology fundraised $100,000 to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition by donating £1 from the sale of each hydrate shampoo and conditioner pack sold - this was in addition to the £200,000 raised internally by Pureology staff

La Roche-Posay skin cancer

Charities and Causes to support:

  • Cancer Research UK - the world's leading charity dedicated to research on the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer

  • Leukaemia UK - Help fund research and care for families going through blood cancer

  • Macmillan Cancer Support - Doing whatever it takes to help people in need. If you're diagnosed, your worries are our worries. We will move mountains to help you live life as fully as you can

Valentine's Day

February 14, 2023

What was originally a feast to commemorate the martyrdom of a Christian saint (Saint Valentine) has turned into the day associated with Love. Many see Valentine's Day as a time to purchase flowers, cards, candy, and gifts, but there are charities running fundraisers to highlight the many different forms of love (or lack thereof). Whether it be promoting safe sex, or helping to find a loving home for an orphan or abandoned animal, there are many love-based causes that one can support if your business wants to give back for Valentine's Day.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • Terrence Higgins Trust - working to support people living with HIV and to end HIV transmission in the UK. They also provide sexual health services and campaigns to end HIV stigma.

  • Operation Orphan - Exists to keep orphans and vulnerable children around the world

  • Battersea Cats and Dogs Home- We're here for every dog & cat to ensure they're treated with compassion, care & respect

International Childhood Cancer Day

February 16, 2023

International Childhood Cancer Day is a day to raise awareness and acknowledge the children and families battling cancer. There are roughly 1,800 new cases of childhood cancer detected in the UK every year. While this is less than 1% of all cancers in the UK, that stat means that 1 in 500 children will be diagnosed with the disease.

Love Your Melon started in a student entrepreneurship class with the goal of providing 45,000 hats for children battling cancer (one for every child in America battling cancer). With such a strong mission and values, Love Your Melon has grown and donated 50% of all profits to fight against pediatric cancer. To date, they have donated $9.4 million and nearly a quarter million hats. Supporting a pediatric cancer charity is a great way for businesses to give back on International Childhood Cancer Day.

Love Your Melon - Cancer Fundraising

Charities and Causes to support:

  • Children with Cancer UK - working to determine the causes, find cures and provide care for children with cancer

  • Children's Cancer North - Supporting children battling the disease and funding research to find more effective and less toxic treatments.


Free Guide: How to Run a Giving Campaign

How to Run a Giving Campaign
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  • How to pick a giving style

  • Launch Checklist

  • Cause Calendar


March Awareness Days

World Wildlife Day

March 3, 2023

Founded in 2013 by the UN, World Wildlife Day was created as a time for everyone to come together to support the earth and its inhabitants. Looking to save species and promote biodiversity, World Wildlife Day is an excellent opportunity to give back and support a cause protecting Wildlife.

Since 2014 Lego has been a part of the WWF's Climate Saver's Program. This program has an overarching focus on sustainability with Lego focusing on renewable energy working to improve the overall efficiency of each brick year after year - they also are able to directly support Wildlife through their products creating sets to educate and inspire promoting wildlife species from across the planet.

Charities and Causes to support:

International Women's Day

March 8, 2023

International Women's Day is a global holiday focused on women's rights. This includes a focus on many current issues including gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence against women.

AVON is an avid supporter of women's rights. They have products with proceeds supporting Women's Aid directly, and they also use their platform to promote strong messages. For International Women's Day in 2021, they released an article highlighting Mel B's story talking about different forms of abuse and resources available for those in need (including Women's Aid Live chat).

Charities and Causes to support:

  • The Circle - Economically empower women and girls and end the pandemic of violence they face

  • Rosa - Supporting women and girls whose lives have been devastated by male violence

  • The Hygiene Bank - providing products to those living in hygiene poverty

Mother's Day

March 19, 2023

Celebrated across the world, Mother's day is a day to celebrate mothers and their integral role in families, societies, and the world. It is a great opportunity to support a mother and show them that you care.

Unfortunately, there are many mothers that will not receive the same love and support on mothers day. Due to their circumstances, they might not have the resources or support networks around them. Thankfully, there are some great charities that are supporting mothers all over the world.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • Refuge - support thousands of women and their children, helping them to overcome the physical, emotional, financial and logistical impacts of abuse and rebuild their lives

  • Mums in Need - support service based in Sheffield for mothers suffering ongoing coercive control after separation from an abusive partner

  • Baby Basics- help provides mothers and families with the essentials they need for their babies

World Water Day

March 22nd, 2023

Another day set by the UN. World Water Day was created to promote and educate on the importance of fresh water. The industrial use and pollution of fresh water is dramatically depleting drinkable supplies leaving many people in water poverty. World Water Day is a great opportunity to support initiatives that promote the sustainable use of f fresh water as well as other initiatives that help people living in water poverty.

In 2022, Pepsico announced their latest initiatives to support fresh water in the world. While they have an overarching goal of becoming net water positive by 2030, they also pledged $2 million to support the Colorado River Basin - a source of clean drinking water for millions of people. In addition, they have partnered with Trout Unlimited, a non-profit to help increase fish habitat connecting segments of the Colorado River. Through pep+ (pepsico plus) they are undertaking many initiatives to improve their company and supply chain.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • The One Foundation - supports sustainable water and sanitation services to change lives in some of the world’s poorest communities

  • Drip by Drip - the world's first NGO committed to tackling The water issues in the fashion and textile industry

  • Hope Spring Water - provides safe, clean water to communities across Africa


April Awareness Days

National Pet Month

April 1, 2023 - May 2, 2023 (based on 2022 dates)

This is a month that celebrates and promotes both the benefits of animal companions for people as well as awareness of responsible pet ownership.

There are many ways to support whether it be sponsoring time for trained dogs to help autistic children or helping adopt animals looking for their forever homes.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • DOTS (Dogs on the Streets) - providing food, items, and medical services to dogs living on the street with their homeless companions

  • Support Dogs - provide, train, and support assistance dogs to increase the quality of life for people with various medical conditions

  • Therapy Dogs Nationwide - visiting volunteers take their own dogs into establishments to provide comfort, distraction, and stimulation

Earth Day

April 22nd, 2023

First started in the 70s, Earth Day is a global initiative for the people of the earth to reduce their environmental impact. Whether it be using less electricity, less water, or supporting an environmental cause, there are a number of ways for a business to support this Earth Day.

There are many businesses that take a stand on Earth Day - and one of the easiest ways is to plant trees. In 2016 American Eagle pledged to plant a tree for every purchase of select items on earth day as part of their 'buy one get one tree' campaign.

Earth Day Buy One Get One Tree

Charities and Causes to support:


May Awareness Days

National Clean Air Month

May 1, 2023 - May 31, 2023

Beyond the impact of carbon emissions on climate change, air pollution is responsible for over 7 million premature deaths per year, and this number is growing. National Clean Air Month is a time when everyone is encouraged to take steps to improve the air quality of the planet.

For people, this can mean walking or cycling where possible, and for businesses, this could be supporting activities to offset pollution or carbon emissions.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • World Bicycle Relief - a global charity helping those in remote communities gain access to sustainable transportation improving their quality of life

  • Carbon Offsetting Initiatives - planting trees to offset carbon emissions

  • London Cycling Campaign - movement to promote safe and sustainable cycling across the City of London

Mental Health Awareness Week

May 9, 2023 - May 15, 2023

This is a week to take a step back and reflect on the mental health of our friends, family, coworkers, community .... and most of all ourselves. While there are numerous activities that a business can undergo to help improve the mental health of its employees, those looking to support charities have a number of great organisations that they can fundraise for.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • Action Mental Health - Smashing the stigma around mental illness

  • Men Talk Health - Supports men in the LGBTQ+ community to talk about their mental health and help them understand that it’s okay to not be okay

  • Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) - Taking a stand against suicide



June Awareness Days

Pride Month

June 1, 2023 - June 30, 2023

Pride Month is dedicated to the celebration of LGBTQ+ pride. Starting after the Stonewall riots of 1969, it has since evolved into a global movement with millions of people celebrating in thousands of cities in over one hundred countries across the world.

Adobe is a company that takes pride in being an inclusive business. While their 'Adobe for all' initiative is focused on all forms of inclusion, they also take part in a number of initiatives that are specifically dedicated towards LGBTQ+ rights. These include taking part in marches, panel discussions, networking events, and fundraising activities. In 2019 they fundraiser over $20,000 for LGBTQ+ charities including Encircle, The Trevor Product, and the San Francisco Aids Foundation.

Adobe For All - Pride Charity Fundraising

Charities and Causes to support:

  • AKT - supports lgbtq+ youth experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment

  • MindOUT - an LGBTQ mental health charity aiming to improve well-being in the community

  • Rainbow Railroad - helps LGTBQI+ people facing persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics

Men's Health Week

June 12, 2023 - June 18, 2023

This is a week to bring awareness and focus on the health issues that disproportionally impact men. With a heavier focus on heart health, prostate cancer awareness and mental health initiatives, there are a number of causes to support.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • Prostate Cancer UK - working to stop prostate cancer from damaging bodies and lives

  • Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) - Taking a stand against suicide

  • Men Talk Health - Supports men in the LGBTQ+ community to talk about their mental health and help them understand that it’s okay to not be okay

Father's Day

June 18, 2023

Celebrated across the world, Father's day is a time to recognize fathers and their roles in family and society. This is an international event and is celebrated in many countries across the world (and on different dates depending on the country). It is a cliche for the father of a nuclear family to receive something like a tie or sporting goods - however, there are many fathers who are not in these situations.

For companies looking to give back on father's day, there are a ton of great causes one can support to assist fathers in need.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • Dad's Houe - helping dads and families keep children a priority. This includes resources as well as emotional support to help combat loneliness and isolation

  • Dads Unlimited - ongoing pastoral care for dads, helping to reduce parental conflict and restore or create a safe and healthy environment for the benefit of their children

  • Men's Sheds Association - community spaces for men to connect, converse and create


July Awareness Days

National Marine Week

July 23, 2023 - August 7, 2023

A fortnight to support all things marine including the environment and biodiversity within our oceans, lakes, and rivers. Initiatives include charities supporting marine biodiversity, as well as initiatives that can be undertaken on land such as using less water or properly recycling materials.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • JUST ONE Tree (kelp) - Using kelp to offset carbon and promote marine biodiversity

  • Clean Ocean Initiatives - offsetting certified ocean-bound plastic to protect the planet

  • Sea Life Trust - Supporting a world where our oceans are healthy, properly protected and full of diverse life


August Awareness Days

National Dog Month

August 1, 2023 - Aug 31, 2023

While this month was founded by a slightly biased party (Milkbone), August is a great month to support K9s in all forms.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • DOTS (Dogs on the Streets) - providing food, items, and medical services to dogs living on the street with their homeless companions

  • Dogs Trust - working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction

  • Blue Cross - Our hospitals provide veterinary care for the pets of people who cannot afford private vet fees


September Awareness Days

Secondhand September

September 1, 2023 - September 30, 2023

Secondhand September is in line with the growing trend of reusing or recycling items. There are a number of ways that a business can take part in Secondhand September. A very popular option is for a store to start a buy-back program. Monty and Co have a programme where they will buy back their clothing for resale with a percentage of proceeds supporting The Fashion and Textiles Children's Trust.

Recycle Week

September 19, 2023 - September 25, 2023

The first evidence of recycling is from 1031 AD in Japan, where old documents were shredded and reused to create new sheets of paper. In the past millennium, there have been some major advancements in recycling, but there is still so much to learn. The week is a great opportunity for people to audit their recycling habits and for businesses to see where they can improve their supply chains and reduce their environmental impact.

Charities and Causes to support:

  • CARE UK - Re-use, Re-purpose and Recycle items no longer useful to you to provide aid to 'help people in their time of need' focusing on refugees that have relocated to the UK.

  • Fareshare - Re-distribute surplus food to families who need it

  • Clean Ocean Initiatives - offsetting certified ocean-bound plastic to protect the planet


October Awareness Days

Black History Month

October 1, 2023 - October 31, 2023

First celebrated as 'Black History Month' in the US in 1970 (1987 in the UK), Black History Month is a time to learn and reflect on Black History. There are a number of charities and causes that are working hard every day:

Charities and Causes to support:

  • The Black Curriculum - a social enterprise founded in 2019 by Lavinya Stennett to address the lack of Black British history in the national curriculum

  • Show Racism the Red Card - combatting racism by enabling role models to share their messages with young people and others

  • Black Minds Matter - connecting Black individuals and families with free mental health services- by professional Black therapists to support their mental health

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 1, 2023 - October 31, 2023