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Cause Marketing With Social Impact

Updated: Jan 9

Investing in Cause Marketing is like Karma. If you do good then good things will happen to you. All brands should consider giving back because it's good for both the planet and their brand!

Nike Cause Marketing

What Is Cause Marketing?

If you are not sure what exactly cause marketing is fear not. Think of it like Karma, if you do good things then good things will happen to you.

Let us give you an example.

In 1983 American Express decided to partner with a non-profit to help restore the statue of Liberty. With every AMEX purchase, a portion would be given towards the project. In 3 months American Express raised more than $1.7 million for the project ... and as a bonus AMEX card usage rose by 27%. and new card applications also increased by 45%.

The numbers are pretty clear:

  • 79% of Americans say they feel a deeper personal connection to companies with values similar to their own (Porter Novelli, 2019)

  • 88% would buy products from those purpose-driven companies (Porter Novelli, 2019)

But Cause Marketing Is Only For Corporates

Not true ... but large corporates are great at it, and have given everyone the blueprint for how to do it right!

Cause Marketing Patagonia

Many people think that in order to talk about sustainability you need to have a fully sustainable line + a massive marketing budget or need to be working with digital marketing service providers. This is not the case ...

Supporting a cause starts with the first minute or the first £ that you spend on the cause.... and with Virtue, your brand can start giving in as little as 5 minutes with our Shopify Integration.

How To Start

Find one of our previous articles here on how to find the right impact partner.

After you have selected your partner there are a number of ways to share the great news with your audience.

1) Posting On Social Media

A simple post on Facebook Touch, Instagram or TikTok is a great way to show your audience the impact you have made.

Instagram Tree Planting

2) Having an Impact Page on your website

This is a great way to share your giving store in long form. It is also a great place to track your long term impact progress.

About Us - Impact Page

3) Enabling Pledger Impact Widgets

Adding a product page widget to your shop is a very simple way to remind customers that you are making a difference with every purchase

Social Impact Product Page

4) Send out Newsletter to tell your supporters

Letting your newsletter subscribers know that you are supporting a new cause is a great way to share the word ... and activate dormant customers.

Cause Marketing Newsletter

5) Ask For A Feature

Many charities or causes will be more than happy to promote your brand if you are supporting them. Also, we are as well ...

Getting Featured for Cause Marketing


There is no one way to share your store, but these are a few ideas that anyone can implement as a first step for cause marketing.

If you have any questions you can let us know at or you can take a look at our 5 Star Rated Shopify Donation App

VItrue Social Impact


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