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Make an impact

Shop with brands that care 

Generate positive impact when shopping with Virtue brands. 

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1. See which Cause/s the store supports. You can learn more about the store's giving campaign  by clicking on 'Learn More' in any of the Virtue banners.

2. Choose a Cause you wish to support with your purchase. If customer donations are enabled - you can donate to this cause. Otherwise, a store will donate a portion of your order with no extra change to you. Some stores enable both - customer & store donations. 

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3. Track your impact. See how much went to your cause and the impact your donations made. 

Find out when a brand you love becomes available on Virtue & recommend causes


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How do I learn more about the store's giving from sales?

You can find out about how much the store is giving from orders or products by clicking on Learn More in any of the Virtue widgets. There you will see exectly what the store's giving campaign is and which cause/s they are supporting. 

How are the Causes on Virtue vetted?

We check all causes are registered not-for-profit organisations before allowing them on Virtue. The names of the not-for-profits funds are going to are mentioned on Virtue banners in Learn More.

Will I get an impact tracking email every time?

A store may disable impact tracking emails for different reasons. If you would like a confirmation of your donation - opt into impact tracking or let the store know and they will be able to confirm your donation. 

I added a donation - do all my donations go to the Cause?

Your donations are sent directly to your Charity by the store.

Please note that there may be a transaction fees that is taken out of your donation before it goes to the Charity. This fee is independent from Virtue and is charged by the payment gateway. This is typically 0-2.5%. This amount will be taken out of your total donation before it goes to the Charity

Depending on which cause you are donating to, 1.4% PayPal Giving Fund fee may also apply. More here. 

I wasn't given the option to donate post-purchase

There are two possible reasons for that. Either the brand you are shopping with does not have the Customer donations feature enabled or the payment method you chose takes  you away from the main site, which is the case with Buy Now Pay Later products and PayPal. Please note, that a store may still be giving from your purchase to a cause at no cost to you, even if the Customer Donations widget is disabled. 

Can I get a refund on my donation?

A donation become a part of your order. If you want your donation refunded - please email the store directly. They will be able to refund all or some of the donation on their end. 

Didn't quite find info you were looking for? Please email We'd love to help. 

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