We believe that giving back should be easy for brands of all shapes and sizes.

That's where flexi pricing comes in. 

Free Charity Fundraising
Free Charity Fundraising wtih Virtue, formally Pledger Giving App

Pick a plan 
Valid for stores that signed up after April 2022, otherwise see old pricing here

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We are partnered with PayPal Giving Fund to ensure your donations go straight to your causes each month. Payouts to each cause have a fee of 1.4% + 20p from the total amount.

But wait there is more...

So you skipped the line and got an instant cause partnership through Virtue. Amazing! What's next? It's time to share your giving story with the world. When you support selected causes get additional visual assets and copy to share about your impact on your social, email and blog. Sounds good? Shoppers love knowing when brands they buy from not only make great products, but also a positive impact on the world.

Donate to UK Charities & Causes from sales

We are stoked to be partnered with so many incredible breast cancer awareness and support causes and can't wait to see all the great ways our merchants mark Breast Cancer Awareness month this October. More here. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Cap your monthly giving 

Set a monthly limit

When you set a monthly cap your total  monthly giving will not exceed the amount you set. 

Change your cap

Change your cap at any time by decreasing or increasing monthly giving.


Is there a minimum giving amount? 

There is currently no minimum required to start making an impact with Virtue by donating to Causes and Charities from product sales.  

Can I change donation amounts as I go?

Absolutely. Stores can change giving preferences and increase / decrease the monthly cap as they go. The new preferences you set will be applied to future giving. Historical donations will not be affected by new settings

Are there any fees associated with my donation?

Your causes receive all of your store's donations, however, there are a few fees you should know about. Shopify fee-  When Customer Donations widget is activated, the standard Shopify payment gateway fee is subtracted from the final donation, this fee depends on the Shopify plan that you are on.

PayPal Giving Fund - from August 2022, your giving will be processed by the PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF). PPGF take 1.6% + 20p from your monthly donation.

Does Virtue charge the Cause?

No, we don't charge the Cause any fees. Virtue fee is completely separate from the donation and is covered by the stores. 

We want to be able to generate as much impact as possible for your causes. 





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