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Best WooCommerce Charity Donation Plugins

Supporting a charity or environmental cause is a great way to show your customers that you care, and the Woo Marketplace has some great plugins for your online store.

WooCommerce Charity Plugins

Why donate with your WooCommerce store?

More and more customers are choosing to buy from brands that align with their personal values. So much so, that purpose-driven consumers now make up 44% of retail consumers globally (now the largest demographic).

It is more important than ever for your store to also have a mission that your customers can get behind, and one of the best ways to show your values is to support a charity or environmental cause.

Why use a WooCommerce Plugin to donate?

Aligning with a charity is a great move for a business, but the steps to activate a partnership often make the process incredibly difficult and time-consuming. There are many steps in the process

  • Finding a cause that aligns with your values

  • Creating partnership terms and agreements

  • Marketing campaigns + customer activation

  • Managing orders and donations

The Woo Marketplace has a ton of great solutions for your online store. What used to take months to set up can now be done in minutes.

With a WooCommerce plugin, businesses can now:

  • Start fundraising right away

  • Save development time/costs

  • Reduce admin time/costs

How to choose the best plugin for your business?

Of the integrations available in the Woo Marketplace, there are two main things to consider:

  • Product Features

  • Pricing

Here are a few recommended apps

Virtue (Coming Soon!)

Of course we have our own integration that we will be launching on the Woo Marketplace. Having been in the Shopify App store for a few years, we have a product that we are excited to share.

Stay tuned!

Advanced Donations

Advanced Donation is a great tool for merchants looking to run fundraising campaigns for charities and non-profits. Whether it is for an NGO or a local charity, Advanced Donation is a great tool to allow merchants to support multiple causes.

Link to Woo Marketplace

Woo Marketplace Rating: No Reviews

Price: $79.00 (billed annually)

Product Features

  • Run multiple campaigns

  • Add donations to checkout

  • Campaign progress bars

  • Donate custom amounts

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