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Spread the❤️this Valentine's Day by supporting causes with impact

Updated: Apr 7

Beyond selling gifts and flowers this Valentine's Day. More and more stores are giving back as a way to share the love.

Valentine's Day for eCommerce Brands

In the eCommerce world, Valentine's Day is great for brands that sell traditional favourites - flowers, candy, cards, jewellery, etc. With special promotions and discounts, it's an easy way to reengage your customers.

Most online stores do not sell the items traditionally associated with Valentine's Day, but there is still a great opportunity to take part and share the Love.

Supporting a Causes this Valentine's Day

Supporting a charity is a great way for a business to take part.

Awareness Days are an excellent time to stand by a topical initiative. By supporting a charity that aligns with a company's values (or the values of its customers), brands can seek to reengage dormant customers, and improve its brand image, all while making a positive impact on the world.


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Causes to Support on Valentine's Day

Whether it be promoting safe sex, or helping to find a loving home for an abandoned pet, there are many love-based causes that one can support this Valentine's Day.

A few of the more popular categories include:

  • Animal Rescue

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Sexual Health Initiatives

  • Orphan Support

Below are a few causes that you can start supporting this year.

Love Underdogs

What started after a visit to a dog shelter in Romania, ultimately turned into the animal rescue and rehoming charity - Love Underdogs. With the help of caring people in the UK and Romania, Love Underdogs has been helping the Victory shelter in Brasov, Romania rehome over 700 dogs each year.

Valentine's Day Charity - Love Underdogs

Terrence Higgins Trust

Named after one of the UK's first victims of AIDs. The Terrence Higgins Trust was founded in 1982 with the goal of saving lives and helping to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV and AIDs.

The Terrence Higgins Trust provides a wide range of services, including information, support, testing, counselling, advocacy, and campaigning.

Valentine's Day Charity - Terrence Higging Trust

Operation Orphan

Operation Orphan is working to support vulnerable children both in the UK and abroad. Whether a child's parental structure has been significantly weakened or is no longer in place. Their goal is to ensure that children are kept Safe, Warm, Healthy, and Learning.

Valentine's Day Charity - Operation Orphan

Choose Love

Working to provide essential aid to refugees across the world, Choose Love is an organisation built to provide practical and emotional support to refugees and displaced people through aid, education, and community-building programmes.

Learn a little more about how our friends at Lemonade Dolls are supporting Choose Love here.

Valentine's Day Charity - Choose Love

Big Love

Another charity with an origin story in Romania. Big Love began working in 2019 with the primary focus of providing support (and love) to families and children severely impacted by poverty and hardship.

Over the years their impact has evolved including services in Moldova, Ukraine, and the UK.

Valentine's Day Charity - Big Love


Virtue Shopify App makes it easy for brands on Shopify to lunch a giving campaign and choose from 1000s of UK Charities and Causes, in minutes. Keen to try it? Have questions? Reach out to

Free Guide: How to Run a Giving Campaign

  • How to choose a cause

  • How to pick a giving style

  • Launch Checklist

  • Cause Calendar

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