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Spread the❤️this Valentine's Day by supporting causes with impact

Updated: Apr 7

Beyond selling gifts and flowers this Valentine's Day. More and more stores are giving back as a way to share the love.

Valentine's Day for eCommerce Brands

In the eCommerce world, Valentine's Day is great for brands that sell traditional favourites - flowers, candy, cards, jewellery, etc. With special promotions and discounts, it's an easy way to reengage your customers.

Most online stores do not sell the items traditionally associated with Valentine's Day, but there is still a great opportunity to take part and share the Love.

Supporting a Causes this Valentine's Day

Supporting a charity is a great way for a business to take part.

Awareness Days are an excellent time to stand by a topical initiative. By supporting a charity that aligns with a company's values (or the values of its customers), brands can seek to reengage dormant customers, and improve its brand image, all while making a positive impact on the world.