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9 Best Climate Change Charities to Donate to

Updated: Jan 26

Best Climate Change Charities

Why are Climate Change Charities Important?

The Earth's fever is rising. Glaciers retreat, wildfires rage and extreme weather events batter vulnerable communities worldwide.

These aren't distant dystopian nightmares; they're the harsh realities of climate change, threatening the very fabric of our planet and our future. But amidst the shadows, courageous minds rise to meet the challenge – climate change charities dedicated to safeguarding our shared home.

Here is a great map from Statista showing the estimated number of internal migrants by 2050.

Statista climate change refugees

Find the best charity to support

Businesses Supporting Climate Change Charities

Working towards sustainability has been an important goal for many businesses. Brands like AYM take sustainability and their corporate responsibility very seriously.

In addition to their day-to-day initiatives - AYM also supports several charities throughout the year. For Green Friday in 2022 and 2023 AYM ran their 10 for 10 initiative supporting the World Land Trust 'Save an Acre Programme'.

AYM 10 for 10

Climate Change Awareness Days

For businesses looking to support a Climate Change charity, there is never a better time than now. However, there are some specific awareness events dedicated towards supporting the Earth including; Earth Day, Earth Hour, and National Clean Air Month.

Here are a few of the best Climate Change charities to support:

Rainforest Trust

Climate Change Rainforest Trust

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Founded in 1986, this US-based charity protects threatened tropical rainforests worldwide. They prioritize rainforest acquisition and indigenous land rights, preserving vital ecosystems and mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration.

Impact: In 2022, Rainforest Trust protected over 3 million acres of rainforest, equivalent to roughly 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide sequestered.

Clean Air Task Force

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Founded in 1993, this US-based organization advocates for and implements clean energy policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Impact: Clean Air Task Force has played a key role in passing numerous key US environmental policies, including the Clean Power Plan.


GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Established in 2008, this UK-based environmental law charity uses legal advocacy to enforce environmental laws and regulations, combating climate change through systemic change.

Impact: ClientEarth has secured numerous legal victories against governments and corporations for breaches of environmental laws, leading to improved environmental policies and practices.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

WWF Climate Change

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Founded in 1961, this international organization works in over 100 countries to conserve nature and address climate change. They focus on protecting endangered species, reducing forest loss, and promoting sustainable resource use.

Impact: In 2022, WWF secured the protection of over 13 million acres of land and marine habitat, contributing to carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Environmental Defense Fund Climate Change

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Founded in 1967, this US-based organization uses science-based solutions and policy advocacy to tackle climate change and environmental threats. They focus on clean energy, renewable resources, and sustainable practices. Impact: EDF has played a key role in shaping US energy policy, including driving the transition to clean energy sources like solar and wind power.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy Charity

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Established in 1951, this international organization protects lands and waters worldwide to conserve biodiversity and combat climate change. They focus on habitat restoration, sustainable land management, and climate resilience initiatives.

Impact: In 2022, The Nature Conservancy protected over 4 million acres of land and water, contributing to carbon sequestration and ecosystem restoration.

Rainforest Action Network (RAN)

Rainforest Action Network Climate Change

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Founded in 1985, this US-based organization works to protect rainforests and indigenous rights by engaging in nonviolent direct action and public education campaigns.

Impact: RAN has played a key role in stopping numerous destructive rainforest projects and protecting millions of acres of rainforest from deforestation.

Sunrise Movement

Sunrise Movement Climate Change

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

Founded in 2017, this US-based youth-led movement works to elect climate-focused candidates and push for systemic change to address climate change. They focus on grassroots organizing, voter education, and political advocacy.

Impact: The Sunrise Movement has played a key role in mobilizing young voters and influencing the political landscape on climate issues.

World Land Trust

World Land Trust Climate Change

GiveWell Rating - 4 Stars

A global leader in rainforest and habitat protection, this UK-based charity, established in 1989, has focused on acquiring and managing threatened lands to safeguard critical ecosystems and biodiversity. Through innovative programs like "Buy an Acre," the organization empowers both individuals and businesses to actively contribute to land conservation. Their commitment to preserving endangered areas underscores their pivotal role in environmental sustainability and the responsible stewardship of natural resources.

Impact: They have supported the protection of over 2.2 million acres of tropical forest and other habitat

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