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10 Best Disaster Relief Charities to Support

Best Disaster Relief Charities

Why are Disaster Relief Charities Important?

Globally, millions grapple with the profound aftermath of natural calamities. Whether it's earthquakes, floods, wildfires, or severe weather, these occurrences result in shattered communities, fractured infrastructure, and numerous lives hanging in the balance. Children, in particular, bear the brunt of vulnerability, thrust into situations of displacement, hunger, and fear. Yet, within the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerges, sustained by the unwavering dedication of disaster relief organizations. These entities not only deliver emergency provisions but also instill resilience and provide the resources necessary for reconstruction.

Consider the daunting statistics: an annual displacement of nearly 23 million individuals due to natural disasters, with an estimated 70 million children worldwide being impacted by emergencies annually. However, every form of support—each contributed dollar, every volunteered hour—holds the potential to shift the balance toward recovery. Embracing this ethos, numerous businesses are opting to extend a helping hand by establishing pivotal alliances with disaster relief charities. This not only enhances their impact but also enables them to forge deeper connections with their customer base.

Find the best charity to support

Businesses Supporting Disaster Relief Charities

For over a decade, IKEA and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) have been a powerful team, helping refugees rebuild their lives after disaster strikes. IKEA's expertise in flat-pack magic helps to provide immediate relief for those in need providing temporary shelters and prefabricated homes.

IKEA also goes above and beyond providing long-term solutions like vocational training and microloans, empowering refugees to become self-sufficient and build brighter futures. This impactful partnership has reached millions worldwide, offering hope and a helping hand during life's toughest moments.

Disaster Relief Awareness Days

For businesses looking to support a Disaster Relief charity, there is never a better time than now. However, there are some specific awareness events dedicated towards supporting Disaster Relief including; World Day of Migrants and Refugees, and Human Rights Day.

Here are a few of the best Disaster Relief charities to support:

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)

DEC Disaster Relief

Founded in 1963, the UK-based DEC unites 14 renowned charities to deliver coordinated, impactful responses to major international disasters. From earthquakes and floods to conflicts and famines, the DEC provides emergency relief and long-term support, prioritizing the needs of children through healthcare, education, and livelihood programs.

Impact: During the 2022 Pakistan floods alone, the DEC raised over £30 million supporting millions of people in need.

Save the Children

Save the children Disaster Relief

Founded in 1919, this UK-based NGO champions children's rights and delivers lifesaving aid in emergencies around the world. Through education, healthcare, and child protection programs, Save the Children works tirelessly to ensure children can safely heal and rebuild their lives.

Impact: Save the Children have provided psychosocial support to over 1 million Ukrainian children displaced by the 2022 war.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

IRC Disaster Relief

Founded in 1933, the IRC provides assistance to people affected by conflict and natural disasters in over 40 countries. Their rapid response teams deliver vital medical aid, sanitation facilities, and emergency shelter while empowering local communities to rebuild with dignity.

Impact: In 2022, the IRC assisted over 30 million people globally.

Oxfam International

Oxfam Disaster Relief

Founded in 1942, this UK-based confederation of 21 independent Oxfam organizations fights poverty and injustice worldwide. In emergencies, Oxfam provides clean water, sanitation, and food security, while advocating for long-term solutions like climate change resilience and disaster preparedness.

Impact: They reached over 22 million people with emergency assistance in 2022.

Plan International

Plan International Disaster Relief

Founded in 1973, this UK-based NGO champions girls' rights and equality in over 70 countries. During emergencies, Plan International prioritizes the safety and well-being of girls through child protection services, access to education, and livelihood opportunities for their families.

Impact: Plan International supported over 3 million girls and young women affected by crises in 2022 alone.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief Disaster Relief

Founded in 1948, this US-based charity provides humanitarian aid and disaster relief worldwide. Direct Relief utilizes its extensive network of medical partners and logistics expertise to deliver critically needed medical supplies and equipment to disaster zones.

Impact: Direct Relief delivered over $1 billion in medical aid in 2022 alone.

CARE International

CARE International Disaster Relief

Founded in 1945, this US-based humanitarian organization empowers women and girls in over 90 countries. During emergencies, CARE prioritizes women's access to food, water, healthcare, and income-generating opportunities to help families rebuild their lives.

Impact: In 2022, they reached over 26 million people with emergency assistance.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Doctors without borders Disaster Relief

Founded in 1971, this international medical humanitarian organization provides independent medical care in conflict zones and natural disasters. MSF operates independent medical facilities and deploys medical teams to deliver lifesaving care regardless of political affiliations or ethnicities.

Impact: In 2022, they treated over 30 million patients worldwide.

International Medical Corps (IMC)

International Medical Corps Disaster Relief

Founded in 1984, this US-based medical humanitarian organization provides healthcare in crisis zones and under-resourced communities. IMC focuses on primary healthcare, maternal and child health, and disease prevention, empowering communities to build sustainable health systems.

Impact: In 2022, they provided healthcare services to over 6 million people globally.

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief Disaster Relief

Founded in 1984, this UK-based NGO provides humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy to vulnerable communities worldwide, guided by Islamic principles. In emergencies, Islamic Relief delivers food, water, shelter, and healthcare, while focusing on long-term development projects.

Impact: They reached over 20 million people with aid and development programs in 2022 alone.

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