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Breast Cancer Now

Help fund life-changing care and world-class research

Breast Cancer Now

Cause Impact

£50 donated to Breast Cancer Now could provide 500 leaflets for doctor’s surgeries in the UK

About the Cause

The words "breast cancer" evoke an immediate fear, a stark reminder of its widespread impact and the lives it has forever changed. A global force, leaving devastation in its wake, demands a steadfast and resolute response. This response materializes in the form of Breast Cancer Now, a beacon of hope rising above the tidal wave of illness.

Founded in 2015 through the merger of Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Now stands as the largest breast cancer charity in the UK. Its influence extends beyond England and Wales, reaching lives in Ireland and beyond. For over a century, its unwavering mission has remained clear: to conquer breast cancer through cutting-edge research, life-changing support, and relentless advocacy.

Impact: Eroding the Disease, Breakthrough by Breakthrough
Breast Cancer Now doesn't merely combat the disease; it systematically dismantles it. Within research labs teeming with brilliant minds, boundaries of science are pushed to discover early detection methods, innovative treatments, and potential cures. The focus extends to the intricate world of genetics, deciphering the origins of the disease to prevent its onset.

However, the impact transcends the scientific realm. Recognizing that the battle against cancer involves more than laboratory work, Breast Cancer Now provides dedicated support services as a lifeline to patients and their families. Emotional solace, practical guidance, and unwavering empathy are offered, ensuring that no one faces this storm alone – from navigating treatment options to accessing financial assistance.

Advocacy is an integral part of Breast Cancer Now's identity – a resolute voice that refuses to be silenced. Tirelessly campaigning for improved policies, equitable access to care, and increased funding for research, the organization holds policymakers accountable. Their vision is a future where every woman diagnosed with breast cancer has the best possible chance of a full and vibrant life.

The results are a testament to their unwavering dedication. With over £27 million fueling research, 80 cutting-edge projects are currently underway. From groundbreaking work in secondary breast cancer to the development of personalized treatment plans, Breast Cancer Now is turning the tide, one breakthrough at a time.

In the following sections, we will delve into the specific programs and initiatives that distinguish Breast Cancer Now as a powerful force for good. We will meet extraordinary researchers, hear firsthand accounts from those whose lives have been touched, and explore how you can join this unwavering crusade for a future where breast cancer becomes a mere whisper in the past.

Join the Pink Tide, stand with Breast Cancer Now, and contribute to rewriting the story of this disease. Together, we can transform the tide of illness into a wave of hope and healing.

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