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Choose Love

We identify, close and prevent gaps to support refugees and displaced people.

Choose Love

Cause Impact

Supporting refugees in need

About the Cause

Forced displacement. War. Disaster. These words paint a harsh global reality: millions uprooted, seeking refuge in a world often indifferent to their plight. Yet, within this immense challenge, a different narrative unfolds—one fueled by compassion, swift action, and an unwavering belief in human connection. This is the story of Choose Love, a global movement reshaping humanitarian aid, offering not just assistance but a harmonious chorus demanding dignity and justice for refugees and displaced communities.

Choose Love's Global Reach:
Established in 2016, Choose Love transcends being a mere London-based charity; it's a decentralized network spanning over 30 countries. From war-ravaged Ukraine to the scorching deserts of Greece, Choose Love stands alongside displaced individuals, lending an ear to their stories and delivering crucial resources tailored to their immediate needs.

Impact: Empowering Communities Beyond Basic Aid
Rejecting one-size-fits-all solutions, Choose Love acknowledges the unique complexities of each crisis and individual story. From emergency search and rescue operations to providing warm clothes and legal advice, Choose Love offers a holistic support network that goes beyond fundamental necessities.

Envision families fleeing war with only the clothes on their backs. Support from Choose Love provides mobile phone credit, enabling them to reconnect with loved ones and navigate unfamiliar terrains. For children traumatized by displacement, playful kits filled with art supplies and toys ignite joy and creativity in their darkest moments.

The impact is not just quantifiable but deeply moving. In 2023 alone, Choose Love supported over 5 million people globally, channeling over £13 million worth of essential items directly into the hands of those in need. Yet, the true impact transcends numbers—seen in tearful reunions, the hopeful glint in children's eyes, and the whispered "thank yous" from mothers finding shelter.

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