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Hospital Rooms

Hospital Rooms commissions extraordinary artworks for NHS mental health units across the UK

Hospital Rooms

Cause Impact

Hospital Rooms helps anyone feeling isolated to get creative.

About the Cause

Hospital Roms, a UK-based charity established in 2016, is on a revolutionary mission to transform the often sterile and clinical atmosphere of healthcare spaces. For patients, especially those in mental health facilities, the stark, white walls and monotonous surroundings can exacerbate feelings of isolation and despair. Hospital Rooms seeks to inject creativity and beauty into these environments, partnering with hospitals and mental health units across the United Kingdom to create spaces that foster well-being, dignity, and hope.

A Canvas for Healing: Beyond Paint and Plaster
Hospital Rooms goes beyond superficial changes, approaching each space with a deep understanding of the psychological impact of surroundings on the healing process. Their artistic interventions are meticulously designed to:

1. Reduce stress and anxiety: Employing soothing color palettes, natural elements, and calming imagery to create a sense of tranquility and peace.
2. Inspire hope and motivation: Incorporating uplifting murals, interactive art installations, and patient-created artwork to infuse the space with positive energy and a sense of possibility.
3. Promote dignity and individuality: Actively involving patients in the design process, allowing them to personalize their surroundings and express their unique identities.
4. Foster social interaction: Transforming communal spaces into vibrant hubs for patients, families, and staff to connect and engage with each other.

The Power of Art: Measurable Miracles
Hospital Rooms' impact goes beyond anecdotal evidence. Studies have demonstrated a significant reduction in anxiety and depression among patients in their transformed spaces. Staff have reported improved morale and reduced patient aggression. Even recovery times have been observed to shorten in more inviting environments.

Yet, the most powerful measure of success lies in the countless stories of patients whose lives have been touched by the magic of Hospital Rooms. From a young cancer patient finding solace in a whimsical mural to a person battling depression rediscovering purpose through collaborative art projects, these stories highlight the transformative power of art in healing.

Supporting Hospital Rooms is not just about donating paint and brushes; it's an investment in the well-being, dignity, and healing of some of the most vulnerable individuals in society. By doing so, you contribute to turning sterile walls into canvases for hope and transforming hospitals into sanctuaries of healing and community.

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