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Ickle Pickles

Ickle Pickles are the smallest and sickest babies who need intensive care in neonatal units

Ickle Pickles

Cause Impact

Your support helps to buy vital equipment for neonatal units caring for sick and premature babies across the country.

About the Cause

In the neonatal world, a class of warriors the size of your palm emerges – not soldiers or athletes, but the most vulnerable heroes imaginable: premature and critically ill newborns. Born before their due date, weighing as little as a pound, they navigate challenges unimaginable to most. In the delicate ecosystem of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Ickle Pickles stands as a beacon of hope for these tiniest fighters.

Dedication to Life: A Vital Mission
Founded in 2009 and operating across England and Wales, Ickle Pickles dedicates itself to a vital mission: providing life-saving equipment and support to NICUs, empowering them to give every newborn a fighting chance. Recognizing the immense pressure faced by these specialized units, Ickle Pickles bridges the gap between what hospitals can provide and what these fragile patients desperately need.

A World of Tiny Miracles: The Fight for Life
The world of a premature baby is a fragile dance between life and death, where every breath and heartbeat is a hard-won victory. Incubators regulate delicate body temperature, ventilators ensure tiny lungs function, and specialized monitors maintain constant vigilance on vital signs. These tools transform NICUs into battlegrounds where medical science and unwavering support fight for every precious life.

Ickle Pickles' Impact:
Ickle Pickles recognizes this battle and equips NICUs with the necessary tools. From groundbreaking technology like MRI scanners and advanced respiratory equipment to seemingly simple comforts like warm blankets and cozy cribs, each donated resource brings these warriors one step closer to victory.

Beyond technology, Ickle Pickles funds vital research, offers bereavement support to families facing unimaginable loss, and creates "parent havens" within NICUs – spaces for rest and solace during this trying time. This comprehensive approach is the cornerstone of Ickle Pickles' success. They understand that the fight for a premature baby's life is holistic, and by weaving a safety net of resources and support, they ensure no tiny warrior battles alone.

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