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Para La Tierra

Help us protect the severely threatened wildlife in this often forgotten country in the heart of South America!

Para La Tierra

Cause Impact

Conserving fragile habitats in Paraguay through scientific research, environmental education and community engagement

About the Cause

Paraguayan nature not only faces the second highest deforestation rate in Latin America fuelled by a climate of corruption, it now also has to fight a continuing climate change-induced drought, which has reached its third year in 2022. On top of that, Paraguay’s education system is among the worst in the world, with almost no focus on environmental or biological sciences. In 2017, it was ranked as 137 out of 138 for maths and science by the World Economic Forum.

These factors all contribute to a record of extreme habitat loss in Paraguay, posing a severe threat for wildlife and biodiversity.

Para La Tierra is a Paraguayan NGO that has been protecting habitats in Paraguay since 2010 through scientific research, community engagement and environmental education.

One of our main programs is the scientific investigation of severely understudied wildlife in Paraguay. We are currently the only year-round scientific research station in Paraguay and have been working on the first inventory of the Ñeembucú wetlands. In under four years, we have discovered over 100 new faunal records for the area with more than 170 studies published in peer-reviewed publications. We are also caring for the country’s second largest natural reference collection.

Para La Tierra is further engaged in several conservation initiatives with local authorities and landowners. We transformed the way that Paraguayan youth learn about their environment by founding the Eco-Club programme ‘Voces de la Naturaleza’ in 2015. Working with schoolteachers, government officials and other small companies, our Eco-Clubs reach hundreds of children across Paraguay every week. Our curriculum is focused on developing young Eco-Leaders, ready to drive change.

With your support we can protect the nature and wildlife in this often forgotten country!

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