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Show Racism the Red Card

We aim to combat racism through enabling role models message to young people and others

Show Racism the Red Card

Cause Impact

Support goes towards providing educational resources and trainings to combat racism

About the Cause

Racism, akin to an insidious red mist, distorts judgment and taints interactions. It permeates the pitch, classrooms, and our very communities. However, where hatred festers, hope emerges. Introducing Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC), a UK-based charity established in 1996 that leverages the universal appeal of football to confront racism directly.

Born from a poignant moment of resistance – footballer Shaka Hislop enduring racist abuse at a petrol station – SRtRC has evolved into a formidable force for good. Operating across Britain and beyond, they utilize the unifying power of sport to educate, empower, and challenge discriminatory attitudes.

Kicking Out Prejudice: A Comprehensive Approach
While the beautiful game provides the platform, SRtRC's impact extends far beyond the final whistle. Their holistic strategy addresses racism on multiple fronts:

Education: Through interactive workshops in schools and multimedia resources for teachers, SRtRC equips young minds with tools to recognize and counter prejudice. Their Education Hub is a repository of engaging activities and curriculum-aligned materials, nurturing empathy and understanding.
Advocacy: SRtRC collaborates with football clubs, governing bodies, and policymakers to implement impactful anti-racism initiatives. They advocate for stronger legislation and challenge discriminatory practices, striving for a level playing field not just on the pitch but in society as a whole.
Community Engagement: SRtRC fosters cross-cultural understanding through community events, workshops, and awareness campaigns. By promoting open dialogue and celebrating diversity, they construct bridges of respect and dismantle the walls of prejudice.
Impact at Every Turn:

The results? In over 25 years, SRtRC has reached over 50 million people with their educational programs, trained over 50,000 individuals, and collaborated with over 200 professional football clubs. They've played a pivotal role in securing landmark legal changes against racial discrimination in football and continue to be a powerful voice for equality in sports and beyond.

But the score isn't settled yet. Every act of racism continues to blemish the canvas of our society. By supporting SRtRC, you become a player in this crucial game – one where empathy replaces exclusion, and understanding triumphs over hate.

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