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The Children's Society

We campaigning to transform the well-being of young people and improve the lives of those who need hope most

The Children's Society

Cause Impact

£5 a month could pay for a hot meal, shower and living essentials for a young runaway

Cause Bio

The Children society have dedicated more than 100 years to protecting the hopes of children threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect. From humble beginnings they have stayed true to our mission and have helped transform the lives of young people all across the country. The Children society want to keep making history and they will not rest until we've created a society built for all children.

The Children society are there for young people when they need it most. the society sees something inside every one of them - hope. Children come to us for help, to talk about their feelings, their trauma. They come to us when their way forward is uncertain, they don't know what choice to make.

But they do want to get back on the right track. These young people have a huge impact can have impact in our community - they shine a light on parts of society that are broken for them. In turn, the children society help them regain their hope and take control of their future.

The charity counsel, support and campaign for the young people whose hopes and happiness are the most threatened by abuse. Through our campaigning and policy work the children society can improve life for young people up and down the country. A change at government level means that many more young people will benefit from a positive change beyond those that walk through our doors.

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