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The One Foundation

Our mission is to support sustainable water and sanitation services to change lives in some of the world’s poorest communities

The One Foundation

Cause Impact

£20 can buy lifesaving hygiene kits for families to stop the spread of disease

About the Cause

In numerous corners of the world, life hangs by a precarious thread. For millions, that thread is as fragile as a single drop of water – clean, safe water, the most fundamental right, tragically out of reach for one in nine people on our planet. The One Foundation, emerging in 2005 under the scorching African sun, stands as a resolute response to this injustice. Headquartered in the UK, their impact spans continents, delivering life-sustaining water and sanitation solutions to some of the world's most vulnerable communities.

A Crystalline Crisis: More Than Just Thirst
Beyond arid landscapes and empty vessels lies a tapestry of hardship woven from water scarcity. Children forego school to search for precious drops, women bear the burden of grueling water collection, and families succumb to waterborne diseases that claim countless lives annually. This isn't merely a thirst to quench; it's an enduring cycle of poverty, illness, and stolen futures.

The One Foundation comprehends this intricate picture. They don't offer a transient sip; their goal is to construct enduring reservoirs of hope. Their work transcends borders, reaching rural villages in Kenya, slum communities in India, and refugee camps in Ethiopia. In each context, they tailor their approach, drilling wells, installing rainwater harvesting systems, and implementing hygiene education programs.

Impact: Every Drop Counts, Every Life Transforms
The One Foundation's impact radiates brighter than a mirage in the desert. Water-borne diseases plummet, school attendance soars, and women reclaim precious time for education and income generation. In Malawi, their efforts have brought clean water to over 50,000 people, reducing diarrheal diseases by a staggering 70%. In India, rainwater harvesting systems have empowered communities to achieve self-sufficiency in water security.

Yet, the numbers are but whispers compared to the stories they narrate. A young girl in Kenya, once skipping school to fetch water, now proudly sits in a classroom with a pencil in hand. A mother in India, liberated from the daily toil of water collection, establishes a small business to support her family. Each transformed life is a testament to the One Foundation's unwavering commitment.

By supporting this visionary organization, you become a conduit for change. You join hands with communities yearning for dignity, education, and health. You invest in ripples that become rivers of hope, forever altering the course of lives once parched by despair.

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