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Trauma Breakthrough

Trauma Breakthrough is a UK charity supporting adult survivors of trauma and abuse

Trauma Breakthrough

Cause Impact

£15 per/month supports provision of key services to trauma and abuse victims

Cause Bio

Trauma Breakthrough is a charity based in Bath and operating across the south-west of England. They provide specialist mental health services and support for adult survivors of abuse and all forms of trauma. Founded in 2013 Trauma Breakthrough also offers training and consultancy to organisations and individuals who want to learn to support survivors more effectively.​

Breakthrough has four missions:
Change the ways adult survivors of abuse and other forms of trauma receive help. Trauma care should not be “one size fits all”.
Offer community-based therapeutic and support services to help survivors recover from the effects of trauma and reclaim their lives.
Raise awareness of the long-term impact of trauma on mental, emotional, and physical health.
Equip individuals and organisations with more effective ways of supporting survivors of trauma within their community
1-in-5 people experience trauma (childhood abuse, accidents, domestic violence, sexual assault) during their lifetime.

They provide specialist therapy, support, and wellbeing services; a crisis helpline for service-users; befriending; and mental health courses. They also provide training for friends & family, businesses, churches, and other community organisations in how to provide effective support for those struggling with their mental health

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