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Women's Work

Raising Hopes and Aspirations of Women and Families.

Women's Work

Cause Impact

Supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged women and their families.

About the Cause

Amidst the vibrant communities of Derbyshire, England, a tapestry of struggle and vulnerability is tightly woven. For many women, life unfolds as a complex mosaic of challenges—poverty, domestic abuse, addiction, and mental health issues. Yet, shining brightly amidst these shadows is Women's Work, a beacon of unwavering support. Founded in 2003, this Derbyshire-based charity extends a lifeline to over 1,000 vulnerable women and their families each year, empowering them to rewrite their narratives and step confidently into brighter futures.

From its bustling hub in Derby, Women's Work's dedicated team reaches across the county, offering a diverse array of services tailored to each woman's unique needs. Whether navigating the daunting realities of homelessness, seeking solace from the trauma of domestic violence, or battling the darkness of addiction, Women's Work stands side-by-side, offering practical support, emotional solace, and the unwavering belief that every woman holds the power to rise.

Bridging the Gaps: From Practical Support to Empowered Futures
Women's Work doesn't simply treat problems; they mend the very fabric of lives. Their holistic approach tackles immediate needs through food parcels, safe housing solutions, and essential skills training. But their vision extends beyond mere survival. Through confidence-building workshops, life skills courses, and one-to-one support, Women's Work empowers women to reclaim their voices, unleash their potential, and become active participants in building a better future for themselves and their families.

One powerful statistic speaks volumes about the charity's transformative impact: in 2023, 85% of women who participated in Women's Work's employment support program secured sustainable jobs, paving the way for financial independence and brighter horizons. This is not just a number; it's a testament to the charity's unwavering commitment to dismantling barriers and equipping women with the tools they need to thrive.

Supporting Women's Work is more than just a noble act; it's an investment in building a stronger, more just society. By donating, volunteering, or raising awareness, you become a part of a force that lifts women from the depths of vulnerability, reweaving their lives with threads of resilience, hope, and empowered self-belief.

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