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World Bicycle Relief

We are committed to helping people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive through the power of bicycles

World Bicycle Relief

Cause Impact

£120 provides one buffalo bicycle to a child, healthcare worker or entrepreneur.

About the Cause

Envision a world where distance is not a barrier; where education, healthcare, and economic opportunities are just a few pedal strokes away. This is the vision of World Bicycle Relief, a Chicago-based nonprofit founded in 2005 that empowers individuals and communities globally through the simple yet transformative power of bicycles.

In vast stretches of the developing world, nearly one billion people reside in rural areas, separated from essential resources by miles of unpaved roads and challenging landscapes. For these individuals, basic tasks like reaching a doctor, attending school, or transporting goods to market become daily struggles, trapping them in cycles of poverty and isolation.

World Bicycle Relief steps in to address this challenge. They collaborate with communities in remote areas, comprehending their unique needs and challenges. Their specially designed Buffalo Bicycles are built to withstand rugged terrain and heavy loads, becoming more than just vehicles; they are tools for advancement, independence, and a brighter future.

Bridging the Distance, Boosting the Future:

World Bicycle Relief goes beyond distributing bicycles; they create lasting impact through comprehensive programs that:

1. Empower students: Schoolchildren receive bicycles, enabling them to reach classrooms beyond walking distance, boosting attendance and educational attainment.

2. Strengthen healthcare: Health workers equipped with bicycles can reach patients faster and serve more communities, improving access to vital medical care.

3. Drive economic prosperity: Entrepreneurs use bicycles to transport goods and access markets, increasing income and fostering sustainable livelihoods.

Every Buffalo Bicycle distributed signifies a ripple effect of change. Children stay in school, healthcare reaches farther, and businesses flourish, fostering stronger communities and brighter futures.

A Legacy of Impact:

Since its inception, World Bicycle Relief has empowered over 550,000 individuals in 22 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They've helped children attend school, enabled health workers to reach patients, and supported entrepreneurs in building thriving businesses. Each bicycle represents a story of progress, a testament to the transformative power of mobility.

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