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Sustainable eCommerce Agency

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Partner Type

eCommerce Agency

Virtue Offer

  • 10% off on the hourly rates of all our services, for the first 6 months.
    Please mention 'VirtueImpact' when you fill out our enquiry form or when you speak with our team.

Partner Bio

Founded in 2005, CueBlocks is an eCommerce agency for ethical, sustainable & purpose driven brands.  Rooted in eCommerce development, digital marketing, eCommerce strategy and creative design, we align with brands eager to make a meaningful impact beyond profit. Our spirited tribe of about 50 eCommerce specialists calls India and the EU home. We’re fluent in the design & development of Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and PHP stores.  In eCommerce marketing, we audit and manage SEO, Google Analytics, Paid Advertising on Google and Meta, Google Shopping, Marketplace management, Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO), Email marketing for our clients. We’d love to know your story and understand how we can be of service.

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