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Instant social impact on your store

Build a brand customers love. Join the 1000s of retailers, causes, and shoppers using Virtue to make a difference!​

Working with change makers like you

Sustainable Businesses on Shopify
Virtue Shopify App - sustainability and socail impact, donate to charities from Shopify sales
Highly Rated Shopify Fundraising App

The 3 steps to giving with Virtue

Select your causes

Choose from over 20,000 causes. Select causes that best align with your brand and shoppers’ values

Choose how you give

Give as a store, empower shoppers to make a difference, upsell with impact

Start selling with impact

Build a brand customers love. Join the 1000s of retailers, causes, and shoppers using Virtue  

Virtue Features

Let customers instantly feel the positive impact of their purchase

How it works
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Select 1- 3 causes to support. You can choose from our featured causes, or find your perfect match from over 20,000 registered UK organisations.

Virtue Shopify App - over 20,000 causes to choose from, support UK Charities from sales,
Virtue Shopify App - find it in Shopify App Store

Choose how you give

There are 3 ways to give with Virtue. You can give as a Store, empower your Customers to give directly to your causes with checkout donations, or make even more impact for your causes with Upsell Giving.

Track and share your impact

Track your impact in the analytics dashboard, and share it with your customers using impact tracking widgets. They automatically calculate your impact in real time so you can instantly celebrate giving milestones with your customers.

Make an impact from eCommerce sales - Virtue Shopify App - find Virtue in Shopify App Store

+ add Virtue to your loyalty program 

Over 20,000 causes to choose from

Give to Crisis, CALM, WWF, Breastcancer Now and many more incredible causes from product sales
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What our customers say

Jane Gun X Virtue Shopify App
5 Star Shopify Revier

Great app and works smoothly with our store.

We had a few questions on the go and the team is soo helpful and responsive! And the whole idea about selecting different charity causes is just great our customers also love it!

Jane Gun Activewear

London Lide X Virtue Shopify App
Great Shopify Reviews

Such a great initiative to add to our online store. Very easy set up and help if you need it.

I like how customers get to interact with your chosen charities and decide who to donate to. Highly recommended.

London Lido

Indie X Virtue Shopify App
Shopify app reviews

So easy to set up and get donations collected instantly.

A really great collection of charities too.

Plus a great team thank you...!


As seen in

Startups Magazine X Virtue Shopify App
Fashion United X Virtue Shopify App
Ctech X Virtue Shopify App

Want to start selling with impact?

Great! Getting started with the Virtue  is quick and easy. If you have a shopify store, all you need to do is click the button below to head straight to the Shopify App store to install!

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