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Overtone Brewing - Supporting Ukraine With Craft Beer

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Since its inception, social impact has been a key part of Overtone's DNA. They were the first business to sign up to Virtue in support of Ukraine.

Charity Fundraising With Craft Beer

Overtone Brewing

Overtone Brewing is a craft brewery based out of Glasgow, Scotland. With a focus on New England style IPAs they have been giving back since their inception. They first came to our attention right after the news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine broke. Without hesitation, Overtone signed up to support British-Ukrainian Aid, and they have been donating 10% of all sales ever since.

Social IMpact Craft Beer

Q&A With Overtone

How Did Overtone Brewing Co Start?

Overtone started with a guy called Bowei who loved craft beer, home brewing, and getting his friends together to try his beer.

So just like the culture of music, Overtone aims to bring people together, incite conversation and make memories through the enjoyment of craft beer. We’ve been brewing since 2018 from Glasgow, Scotland, and encouraged a new thirst for New England style IPAs in the market.

Why Is It Important For Overtone To Give Back?

As we’re still a small business and recovering from the impact of Covid, we’ve not had a chance to support charities as much as we would like to. We’ve done some small beer collaborations where we donate a percentage of the profits to charity however this is the largest scale so far. In the future, we’d really like to work with local charities that are close to us including Social Bite and Beatson.

What Collaborations Have You Done In The Past?

Previously, we were able to do a collaboration with the Glaswegian Heavy Metal Band Bleed From Within. Covid absolutely destroyed the live music industry, and we were approached by the band to work together on something cool.

The result was Overtone Fracture, a beer dedicated to the touring and house crews that were unable to work during the pandemic with proceeds going to WeNeedCrew and Music Venue Trust.

Why Add Customer Donations To Your Site?

Sometimes donating to a charity can be a bit daunting and lengthy. The incredible thing about Virtue was that it made it so easy to add a new charity to their list and plug it into the website, it was all done within 5 minutes. Now customers don’t have to spend time looking for a charity and then filling in all their details, all they need to do is click a button and it’s done.

No donation made is ever going to be too small!

What Overtone's Sustainability Initiatives?

We recycle all of our major waste so our local farmer collects all the used malt to feed his animals.

We also donate all of our used cardboard to a local beekeeper who then uses the cardboard to make beehives in local schools. Eventually, he’s also going to get us our own beehives so we can produce our own honey which we put to use in some of our beers.

How Are Overtone Fundraising?

Overtone did not shy away when they signed up to Virtue, giving 10% of all sales to British Ukrainian Aid.

With the click of a button you can go to their store and pick up anything from the unfiltered and tropical Citra, Im Home to their Its All Nelson (if you prefer the aroma of passionfruit and fresh gooseberries).

In addition, they also sell merch on their website. If you want to feel the warmth of the highly coveted Overtone scarf, you can do so knowing that 10% of all sales are supporting a great cause!

How to Get Involved

With Overtone

If you want to contact them directly, you can send them an email at [email protected]

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