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How do I select causes for my store?

Select 1-3 causes to support via Step 2 in On-boarding or by navigating to Causes page via the Dashboard menu. Click on cause cards to select causes. Unselect causes by clicking red X next to the cause's name just below the filters. Hit Save when you are happy with your selection. Use the search bar to find more causes in our eco-system of 20,000+ for-good UK organisations. 







Can I change my causes later on?

Yes you can change your causes at any time. However the donations pledged to previously selected causes will be pending against your account and will need to be paid out. 


What does giving with Causes mean for my store?

This depends on your campaign  - Customer Donations, Store Donations (which includes Upsell with donation campaign type) or both. When you support causes as a Store, you are offering to give a set amount or a percentage of product price on eligible products when those products are purchased by your customers. Your shoppers will see which causes you support, impact of your giving and, if you are giving as the store,  choose which causes they want you to give to from their order via Promote Widgets.  When selecting Causes for Customer Donations camapaigns - you are allowing your customers to donate to these causes after they purchase eligible products. If you are doing both store and customer giving, your customers will be able to add a donation to one of your 3 causes which will also be the cause that your store will be giving to from that order. 

How does Virtue pick causes on the platform?

Virtue allows stores to support charities and give to specific causes. All of the Causes on Virtue platform are registered Charities, Community Interest Organisations or Social Enterprises. Organisations  must have causes with a clear impact to be featured on the platform and your donations go directly to supporting these causes. 

From August 2022, as well as being able to select causes from our curated section, stores will be able to pick who they support from 20,000 UK registered Charities through our partnership with the PayPal Giving Fund. 

Can I add a cause or a for-good organisation?

If you did not find your cause using search, you will be able to recommend a cause for us to add to the platform by licking 'Add Cause' button. If you already have a relationship with a cause and would like to fundraise for them via Virtue - we can add this cause for you fairly quickly. Email [email protected]. When contacting a recommended causes, we let them know you would like to fundraise for them.

Can I recommend a charity or a cause?

If you did not find your cause in our eco-system of 20,000+ UK for-good organisations - you can add your cause. Let us know which cause / charity you want to see on the platform here. 

Are all Causes registered Charities?

Not all Causes on Virtue are registered as Charities. If you are interested in supporting a cause and want to learn more about it - click on Learn More on the Cause's Profile. 

Can't find answers in support documentation? We would love to help you get started with Virtue. Flick us an email to [email protected] or use Chat (bottom right) to get hold of support.

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