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Picking the right plan for your store

Activate a plan before going live with Virtue in your store. 





Pay as you Give

Great for emerging brands expecting fewer than 76 order with giving p/m. Your store gets all of the essential features to run a giving campaign and give from product sales. 

No time-bound commitment -  25p is only charged on orders with giving. 

Customer Donation Add-on

Allows the store to enable shoppers to give to a great cause with their order. The fixed fee is charged on monthly bases, plus 25p on orders with giving. If store and customer donations are in one order - only one 25p charge will be charged. 

Impact Plus

Perfect for stores wanting more widget customisations and shopper engagement features. 

Stores access Virtue features for a fixed monthly fee. Get 190 orders on this plan. Additional orders charged at 10p per/order. 

Impact Unlimited 

For stores expecting over 390 orders with giving, cause content customisations and support.

Get all of the benefits of the Plus plan as well as unlimited orders with giving,  dedicated support and ability to modify cause content and how it appears in your shopper facing assets (subject to the Charity's approval). Choose how you pay your Charity. 

Perfect for larger stores with high order volumes.

Custom plan 

Need extra customisations? We can help create the perfect giving experience in our store. From customising widget position and appearance, white labeling assets to enabling multi-store features and creating new shopper facing assets - our product and technical team are here to support.

Let us know what you are looking to do and we'll help make it happen!

Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Annual subscriptions  

Get 20% off when you sign up to an annual subscription. This option is great value if giving is a big part of your brand story and you expect to run giving campaigns for the majority of the year. The annual fee is charged right away after the trail. 

How does the trial work?

Stores get 10 orders with giving for 14 days as a trial on Virtue Plans. This gives stores an opportunity to test out features and the look and feel of the widgets. Once 10 orders with giving are up - subscription you chose gets activated. If you don't reach 10 orders, your subscription will start in 14 days post activation. You can change your subscription at any time and there will be an email going your way before the trial is up.

When does my subscription start? Is the payment immediate?

When you've pick a plan, activate Virtue and after the first 10 orders with giving or 14 days. The first monthly payment is taken out immediately if you are on a Fixed plan. 

For Pay as you give customers - your first payment will be a month after your trial to the amount of orders with giving in your store. 

Changing and canceling subscriptions

Head to Account > Billing in Virtue App and you will see options to change or cancel your plan. 

Pay as you give plan will be canceled immediately. If you are on one of the other plans or have the Customer Donations add-on, your plan will be canceled immediately but you will be able to keep using the App until the end of the billing cycle. 

Where do I see my invoices / receipts from subscription payments ?

You can see these by going into Account > Billing > Change Card. Your subscription payment receipts are at the bottom of the screen.

Does Virtue take any fees out of donations?

NO. Virtue fees are separate from donations. The only fees that the store pays to Virtue are via Subscription Plans. 

How does Virtue ensure my donations safely reach the charity?

From August 2022,  giving for 20,000+ Charities on Virtu will be processed by the PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF). PPGF take 1.6% + 20p from your monthly donation, as per PPGF<>Charity agreement. 

Some of our Charities receive funds via Stripe Connect - there is no fee accessioned with these transactions. 

You may also be able to payout to your Charity manually into their bank account, subject to the Charity's approval. 

Are there additional fees on my donations?

There are 3 tyles of partnerships that we have with our Causes. The partnership structure and donation payment fees are linked.

If the Cause is our direct partner - there are no fees on payouts. 

If the partnership is between the store and the Cause and the agreed payout method is manual, like for example funds into their account. there are no extra charges that we are aware of.

We are also partnered with the PayPal Giving Fund to ensure your donations go straight to your causes each month. depending on the Cause that you support, payouts to each cause may have an additional fee of 1.4% + 20p, as per PayPal Giving Fund <> Charity agreement, from the total monthly giving amount. Standard PayPal transaction fee is reduced for these transactions.

Shopify / WooCommerce fees may apply on customer donations. 

Learn more about payouts.

Why am I redirected to Stripe billing?

Virtue uses Stripe  to receive Virtue fees from stores.  Once you are ready to add your payment details you will be redirected to  Stripe Customer Portal  to enter your payment details. 

While Virtue fees come out of Stripe, your donations are managed by Stripe Connect, a manual payout or by the PayPal Giving Fund  who make sure your charities automatically receive donations each month. 

What if my payment details change?

You can add, delete and change card details via Billing in the Dashboard at any time. 

Adding multiple cards

If you add more than one card, Stripe will attempt to take the payment from the first card you have added, it will have a 'Default' tag next to it. If the funds are insufficient, it will automatically move onto attempting to take out the amount from other added cards in consecutive order (top to bottom). 

Can I go live and pick a Plan later?

You can create and set up Virtue without picking a plan. However, having a plan is required before you can Go Live with Virtue. Going Live means Virtue widgets appear in your store, donations can start coming in and customers can interact with the widgets. 

Can't find answers in support documentation? We would love to help you get started with Virtue. Flick us an email to [email protected] or use Chat (bottom right) to get hold of support.

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