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Esprit D'Air Supporting LGBTQ+ Rights

Esprit D'Air is a J-Metal Band known for their fusion of metal, electronic rock and Japanese rock. Not only are they using music as a form of art and expression, but Esprit D'Air also use its music as a tool for good - supporting many fundraisers and charities since its formation in 2010.

Esprit D'Air charity donation

Esprit D'Air

Initially formed in London back in 2010, the band saw success both in the UK and Japan - with their single 'Shizuku' being featured in Rock Band 3. While eventually the group parted ways in 2013, Esprit D'Air in a new form reunited for a charity event in London raising funds for an orphanage in Fukushima Japan.

The band was revived as a solo project for founding member Kai in 2016 - when their debut album in Constellations even won Best Metal Album at the Independent Music Awards in 2018.

Q and A with Kai

Tell me about Esprit D'Air + J Metal

I produce electronic metal and making music means everything to me. Esprit D'Air is my independent solo project. I choose to be without a record label or management, so I can be my true self and express the way I want to with my music.