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Social impact stays massive for D2C brands in 2023 🙌

Happy New Year merchants! Good news - social impact and sustainability will continue being huge for D2C brands in 2023. Consumers are increasingly giving preference to brands that align with causes they care about and that effectively share that message. 82% of shoppers want to shop with brands that align with their values and are happy to spend more in the process. We are amped about this! It's energising to see so many consumers voting with their wallet and choosing brands that are making this world a cleaner, healthier and a more just place. We put together a bunch of ideas for how stores on Shopify can make an impact from sales, engage shoppers and share their message by aligning with good Causes - be it from a single product, on occasion or always on.

Giving from a product / product line

Image: Jericho Coffee Traders, 'Slava Ukraini' coffee

Virtue Collection based giving - consider this option if your margins are higher on some products over others, if you would like to share a stronger social/eco message already embedded in a product line or give shoppers a great reason to purchase specific stock. Merchants can also align different causes to collections in their store.

Offer for Customers to Add a Donation to orders