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Spaniel Aid UK: Charity Profile

Spaniel Aid UK Charity

What is a Spaniel

spaniels hunting dog
A 16th century hawking party with spaniels

The Spaniel is a beloved dog breed known for their floppy ears and their happy-go-lucky temperament.

Their excellent sense of smell and innate ability to locate and flush out game has made them excellent hunting companions over the centuries. The name is thought to be a derivative of the word 'Spanish'.

Today they are a very popular breed for families due to their affectionate and social personalities. There are many types of spaniels each with their own unique characteristics and traits.

How Spaniel Aid UK started

Spaniel Aid UK was initially founded by a passionate group of spaniel owners who were concerned about the high number of spaniels being abandoned or mistreated within their homes.

The movement initially started on a small scale relying on the personal networks and resources of the founding members. However, as demand grew so did the organisation eventually becoming a registered charity in the UK (