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Beating The Stigma With Action Mental Health

Updated: May 8, 2022

Health is usually associated and measured with the physical well-being of a person and any reference to mental health has traditionally found itself in an isolated and unnamed sphere. Thankfully great causes like Action Mental Health are working hard to break the stigma.

Mental Health In The UK

The Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing in England suggested that 1 in 6 people aged 16+ had a symptom of mental illness such as anxiety or depression, in the week prior to the study. Moreover, 4.4% of the respondents suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Amidst the fast-paced life of an economically and technologically developing world, we forget to provide emotional and mental nurture to ourselves and to those around us. The rising cases of mental illnesses serve as an alarm to alert ourselves to the plight of the modern-day: how can we support and care for ourselves without suffering in silence and ignorance of mental problems?

Financial instability, childhood abuse, social isolation, experiencing stigma or racism, social disadvantage, physical health conditions, are some of the potential causes of mental illnesses. To create awareness about such issues and not stigmatising and suppressing mental problems is the only solution to helping people suffering from highly disturbing conditions.

NHS England’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme (IAPT) endeavours to treat 75% of the people referred to them within a week. 2020-21 saw a colossal amount of 1.46 million people referred to IAPT.

To extend support to children, young adults and old people who experience symptoms of a mental illness, many local and global initiatives have been formed and executed. With the progression of awareness regarding the same, more and more people are coming forward with the stories of traumatic experiences.

Action Mental Health

Action Mental Health is one such initiative that aims at promoting the mental well-being of people and creating awareness about mental conditions.

When did it start?

Action Mental Health (formerly known as Industrial Therapy Organisation) saw its beginnings in 1963 in Downpatrick in Northern Ireland.

When initially founded its efforts were largely suppressed due to the stigma around mental health. Thankfully today that is no longer the case.

What are their services/work?

Action Mental Health has different categories/sectors within the organisation to target specific problems:

  • AMH EveryBODY - through this effort they aim to remove the stigma around eating disorders, help people suffering and spread awareness regarding the same

  • AMH MensSana- provide emotional and mental support for all age groups

  • AMH Promote- Formed a training centre for all with learning disabilities

  • AMH Works- a training programme for employers to promote healthy workplaces that are receptive to mental issues and foster a safe and supportive atmosphere

  • AMH New Life Counselling- a counselling service responsible to provide therapy and counselling to its clients to develop trust and provide a safe space for conversing, recovering, and learning

As 1 in every 5 adults in Northern Ireland is affected by a mental illness, supporting, and contributing to social initiatives like AMH becomes essential. Big brands and giant companies are partners with AMH and make a difference by a donation.

How Can My Business Promote Positive Mental Health?

Within the company

There are a number of simple ways that a business can improve the mental health of its employees:

Here are a few quick wins:

  1. No Messaging after work hours

  2. Implement a meeting-free day once per week

  3. Bring more plants to the office. Plants reduce stress ... you heard it here

  4. Provide services. This can range from on-site counselling to a headspace membership

  5. Allow for flexible hours and/or remote work

  6. Open your eyes (if someone looks stressed ... they are stressed).

Outside of the company

By supporting Action Mental Health (of course). To get involved with Action Mental Health as a supporter visit their website at

If you are an online retailer and would like to start supporting Action Mental Health as part of our brand. Why not try Pledgers Shopify App ?


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