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Indierefill Helping the Planet (And looking Good in the Process)

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

After years of being fed up with bathroom waste and ugly bottles, Jo decided enough was enough and decided to take matters into her own hands with the UK's first Carbon Neutral Haircare Line

Indierefill Charity Fundraising

What is Indierefill all About?

Founded during the pandemic, Indierefill is an environmentally sustainable brand that offers natural, refillable haircare, with 99% less plastic than traditional shampoo & conditioner. Producing products for all hair types, that are also pricing their products to be accessible for all.

We offer NHS and student discounts as we believe no one should be priced out of being green. - indierefill

Not only are they supporting charitable causes through Pledger, but they are also leading the charge as the UK's First Carbon Neutral Haircare line.


Which Charities are they Fundraising For?

Indierefill is not playing when it comes to their charity partners, as they are giving 5% of all sales to the following charities:

Learn more about the Charities on Pledger here.

When shopping on their site you will see the following banner, this lets you know that your purchase will go directly to making the world a better place.

Shopify Charity Tracker


Who is Indie?

Inspired by Purrrrfect hair (I'm sorry, but I had to), Indie refill was named after this stunner. Taken directly from their website 'If we’re giving people beautiful hair then we need to be following in some gorgeous footsteps.'


How Does Pledger Work?

At Pledger, we keep things simple. As a shop, you can either give a portion of your sales directly to a charity, or you can ask your customers to give a little at the end of their purchase (or both). The app is easy to add to your online store, and just as easy to use. We take care of the compliance, payments, and impact tracking so you don't have to.

If you have any questions about Pledger, reach out to us directly at


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