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Upsell with donations - incentivise sales of products with impact

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Incentivise sales with social impact and make even more difference for your causes. Use this feature as an alternative or in addition to discounting to build customer loyalty, strengthen your brand and make an even bigger difference for causes you care about.

What is an 'Upsell with donations' campaign?

Upsell with donations allows you to give customers a portion of the sale to donate to one of your causes post purchase. The amount they get is based on their order value. This feature is designed to help yo store lift your AOV and to help generate even more impact for your causes.

You can run this campaign together with store or/and customer donations, or as a stand alone campaign.

How does it works?

Shoppers receive funds from the store that they they can then allocate to a great cause when their order reached certain amounts set by you. The store decides how much the shopper will need to spend and how much they can then allocate to a cause.

Shopper experience

Setting it up

In Pledger App:

  1. Choose 'Upsell with donations' campaign type in On-boarding OR in Dashboard head to Donations > select Upsell with donations

  2. Set order values to giving levels

  3. Set up and customise widgets for your site

  4. Go live & promote your campaign!

  5. Track changes in your average order value and impact you made for your causes via the Dashboard

Driving traffic to your giving campaign

Pledger stores that shared about their giving campaigns on social media and via email saw an increase in sales for donation eligible products. If shoppers know that their purchases will make an impact - they are more likely to visit your store & purchase.

Let your customers know about your campaign:

  1. Share on social - Instagram I Facebook I LinkedIn I TikTok

  2. Email your fans

  3. Create an impact page on your site & link to it from menu

  4. Blog about it

How long should you run an Upsell campaign for?

To excite and incentivise your audience we recommend putting a time limit on the upsell campaign. Anything from a few days to a month is great. You can always switch to Store Giving campaign after to continue giving as a store, making an impact and building a strong brand.

Go live with Pledger Giving App in minutes via the Shopify App store or talk to us about a custom integration via [email protected]

Happy selling and making an impact!

Pledger team


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