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Charities to support for International Women's Day

Updated: Apr 7

Celebrated every year on 8th March, International Women's Day is a global awareness day and an excellent opportunity to celebrate women and bring attention to the issues impacting them, including; gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence against women and girls.

Charities to support for International Women's Day

Businesses supporting International Women's Day

For businesses, this a great opportunity to give back and make a statement. There are many examples of businesses that have decided to show their support of women.

Sephora supporting Project Glimmer

Project Glimmer is a US based organisation working to empower every girl to reach their full potential. To date they have supported more than half a million girls in foster care and youth service programs.

They do this through a combination of free resources, career coaching, as well as gifts and beauty essentials for young girls in need.

In 2022, Sephora decided to support Project Glimmer by allowing members to convert their unused Sephora rewards points into a donation to the organisation (500 points = $10 donation). It was a great opportunity to support a worthy cause and let customers make a donation.

Aritzia's Power of Women Collection

For years, Aritzia has been promoting its 'Power of Women' collection. While each year is unique, the result is the same. Collections are designed by women with proceeds supporting charities. By purchasing from the collection - customers know that they are supporting great organisations including; Girl Up, The Justice and Equality Fund, and I AM A GIRL.

Shopify International Women's Day

Charities and Organisations to support for International Women's Day

Women's Aid

Women's Aid is a great organisation with the overall goal of ending violence against women and girls to create a society in which women can live free from fear and abuse.

Initially founded in 1974 it has grown into one of the largest and most impactful domestic abuse charities in the UK. They offer many services including helplines, community outreach, and safe refuge accommodation.

Women's Aid  International Women's Day


Rosa is a charity focused on high impact grants to empower women and girls. The grants themselves work to support a number of women and initiatives including sexual health services, domestic abuse services, and educational resources.

ROSA  International Women's Day


SafeHands is focused on improving maternal and newborn health in developing countries. Through a range of programmes including education and training, advocacy, and direct support, SafeHands is ensuring that women girls are given the necessary care to stay informed and stay alive.

SafeHands International Women's Day

The Circle

The Circle is working to create a world where women and girls can reach their true potential.

Founded in 2011, this organisation empowers a network of women working together to drive meaningful change. To achieve its mission, they undertake a number of activities including mentorship, fundraising, and educational/skill building programmes. This complements their campaigning for key equality issues including equal pay and reproductive rights.

The Circle International Women's Day

Shopify Fundraising International Women's Day

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